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DPFL Sponsorships...

Its Monday morning and im back with another topic....

Sponsorships !!! Today, I thought we'd touch on a topic that's close to my heart - sponsoring a darts player. Not just any sponsorship, mind you, but the unique DPFL Darts take on this age-old practice. Intrigued? So, let's dive right in.

In the darting universe, sponsorship usually falls into three main categories - product, cash, and jersey sponsorships. But here at DPFL Darts, we like to approach things a bit differently. You see, when we sponsor a player, it isn't just about financial support or gifting products. It's about being a pillar of support on your darting journey.

We want you to focus on your game, play to your heart's content, enjoy every shot, every win, every loss, every learning experience. Meanwhile, we've got your back. We'll alleviate some of your expenses, maybe help you out with your darting equipment, or even design you a personalized jersey. Need a pep talk before a big game or after a tough loss? We're there for you. This isn't merely about slapping a logo on a player's jersey. No, it's a bond, a partnership - a commitment to nurturing talent, it's about not just being part of the journey, but actively shaping the future of this exhilarating sport. But, here's where we mix things up. You see, for us, player value isn't just about high averages. Sometimes, a player with a lower average but with a contagious enthusiasm for the game, an innate knack for promoting the sport, and an unshakable belief in DPFL is more valuable to us. It's about embodying the spirit of DPFL - the love for the game, the unity, the drive to push boundaries. Becoming a sponsored DPFL player comes with expectations, but we promise we're not about to hand you a rulebook. We won't push you or tell you what to do. All we ask for is your support, your belief in DPFL and our vision. We want to invest in players who want to grow with us, who want to be part of this exciting journey we're on.

Remember, our sponsorship isn't about handouts or lip service. We're not looking for players who only want to take advantage of the benefits without embracing the spirit of our community. To be a part of our sponsored roster isn't about making a quick buck or wearing the flashiest gear. It's about being part of a community that aims to elevate the game we all love, to nurture talent, and to bring about positive change in the darting world.

If you don't believe in our vision, if your heart isn't in it, then we respectfully say that perhaps our sponsorship program isn't for you. And that's okay! Our goal isn't to hoard players under our banner, but to build genuine relationships, to give back to those who've supported us, and to foster a community where players feel valued and appreciated. No, our sponsored player roster isn't a vending machine for benefits - it's a cohort of dedicated, passionate individuals who share our love for the game, our goals, our vision. Just to mention our roster Alex Spellman, Gary Brooks, Michael Kleiner, Clayanna Brandon, Matt Arpin, Chris McFarland and Brian Mercer.. all those Players have their heart on the right spot. They love the game and see the vision we have !

At DPFL Darts, we're all about giving back to the players who've stood by us, who've shown us their love and support. But we want it to be genuine. If you're not here for the same reasons, if you don't share our vision, then perhaps this sponsorship program isn't for you. And that's alright!

We're here to revolutionize the game, do things player at a time. Oh btw did you sign up for DPFL Season 8 yet ? June 25th is cutoff.. so get in guys !!! Until next time, keep aiming for those T20's, my friends. Tim Wey 🎯

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Love it and it’s so true. Dedication, to a sport you love even if you’re not the best player. This is what DPFL is to the players. So, thank you for everything it had given me these last well almost three years now. Many more to come I hope.

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