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Amateur Championship


Amateur CHampionship


Amateur Championship

"Pro's Under Construction"

Welcome to the DPFL Amateur Championship Event! This exciting competition is exclusively for players that have a 64.99 average and lower. Providing a platform for friendly competition and skill showcase of those players that may be getting better or just digging to find another gear.  Let's dive into the format:

The series will consist of singles events every couple of weeks until we reach a finals.
Series will consist of all 501 SIDO 

Event Format:

Round of 64: Best of 5

Round of 32: Best of 5

Round of 16: Best of 5

Round of 8: Best of 5

Round of 4: Best of 7

Semi Finals: Best of 7

Finals: Best of 9

PDC Cork Rule

(Must hit Bull)

After Cork its Alternate All The Way

Ranked Event Points:


Regular Event 

Winner: 300

Runner Up: 200

Top 4: 150

Top 8: 100

Top 16: 80

Top 32: 60

Participation Points: 50

Final Event 

Winner: 600

Runner Up: 400

Top 4: 300

Top 8: 250

Top 16: 150

Top 32: 100

Participation in Final: 50

Entry - Payouts:


Entry Fee: 

DPFL Membership Holders: $16

DPFL Non Membership Holders: $21

Payouts Per Event: 

  • Winner: $80

  • Runner-up: $50

  • Top 4: $30 Each

Payouts will also be provided after the Finals event.

Event Schedule:
The DPFL Amateur Championship Event will take place every two weeks on Tuesdays.

Mark your calendars with the following scheduled dates:

Registration Cutoff: 7pm EST

Start Time: 8pm EST

Event Dates:


April 16th 2024 

April 30th 2024 

May 14th 2024 

May 28th 2024 

June 11th 2024 

June 25th 2024  

July 9th 2024 - Grand Finals 

The DPFL Amateur Championship Event not only offers an exciting competition but also provides an opportunity for aspiring players to qualify for the DPFL Live Championship 2024.

The top two ranked amateurs from this event will earn their qualification to compete in the prestigious championship.

We look forward to your participation in the DPFL Amateur Championship Event!

Good luck to all the participants!



Amateur Championship

Amateur Championship

"Pro's Under Construction"

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**DPFL is committed to maintaining fair competition and ensuring accurate player information. To uphold these standards, we have implemented a policy regarding player averages.

In the event that DPFL detects any discrepancies or incorrect information regarding a player's average, immediate action will be taken. This may include disqualification from all future DPFL events.

We strongly urge all participants to enter and upload their accurate and up-to-date data. It is essential to provide the correct information to maintain the integrity of our events and ensure a level playing field for all competitors.

By adhering to this policy and submitting accurate data, you help us maintain the highest standards of fairness and competition within the DPFL community. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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