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DPFL Live Events

DPFL 2nd Live Event - August 17th till 20th 2023

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Mark your calendars as we gear up for our 2nd DPFL Live Event, set to happen between August 17th and 20th, 2023 in Kissimmee,  
Brace yourselves for a jaw-dropping total payout of over $81,000!

The best part? This tournament is OPEN TO ALL !!

However, certain events will require an established Dartconnect competition average (Get your premium Dartconnect account at


Division Placement:  Your assigned division for the league is primarily based on your DartConnect Competition Card. However, please note that DPFL Staff reserves the right to make necessary adjustments or changes to your division placement.

Division Choice:  If you wish to participate in a division higher than your current average suggests, your average needs to be within 5 points of your chosen division. This is to ensure balanced competition and fair play.

Eligibility Criteria:  To qualify for a division, all you need is a DartConnect Competition Card. However, if you don't have one, don't worry. DPFL also accommodates soft tip averages or other steel tip applications. If your average can't be verified, DPFL might move you to the closest division to prevent sandbagging (underperforming deliberately).

Our open events that welcome everyone include:

- Championship Qualifier
- 501 SIDO Singles OPEN

- Cricket Singles OPEN
- Blind Draws OPEN
- Mixed Doubles OPEN
- Men Doubles OPEN
- Women Doubles OPEN
- Women's Division OPEN

For players with a Dartconnect-established Competition Card, we offer these exclusive events:

- Capped 130 Doubles
- Premier Division Singles 75+ Avg.
- Division 1 Singles 74.99 - 65 Avg.
- Division 2 Singles 64.99 -55 Avg.
- Division 3 Singles 54.99  - 45 Avg.
- Supercup 1 65 and above Avg.
- Supercup 2 64.99 and below Avg.

*Players without an established average can still join, but will be placed one division higher.

We also have qualification-required events:

- 1st DPFL Live Champions Event
- International Cup

For more information on the Champions Event,
click here.

To sign up for the Event Online check out the following Link!
Youll also get 10% off of all entry fees till July 31st 2023

( On side signups are possible all well )

Sign up right here:

The event venue is the luxurious Reunion Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. Villas are available starting from $259 per night, with up to 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen. We recommend sharing the cost with fellow participants for an affordable, high-class stay!

Use our group code 0823DPFLDarts to book.

More about the resort can be found here:
Reunion Resort Kissimmee Florida

For any queries, don't hesitate to reach out to us via this page, Facebook, or email at

Interested in contributing to our Live Event through sponsorship, streaming, product sales, or any other partnerships? Please check this link:

Looking forward to your active participation!


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