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Tablet rental


In need of tablets to operate DartConnect for your upcoming events? Look no further!

DPFL Darts offers a comprehensive tablet rental service to fulfill your requirements, tailor-made for running DartConnect with ease.

With a robust inventory, we can cater to events of all sizes, boasting a fleet of up to 60 tablets, primed and ready for deployment (and yes, we can arrange more if necessary!). Our rental tablets come pre-configured for DartConnect, and all you need to do is connect them to Wi-Fi and log in with your DartConnect Event credentials. We offer premium Gen 4 Tablets and iPad Air for registration purposes.

Need something more powerful? We also offer fully-equipped desktop computers with dual screens for efficient tournament administration.

Curious to know more or have specific needs? Just reach out and fill out the form below. We are eager to work with you.


Refundable Security Deposit:
10 Tablets - $800
20 Tablets - $1600
40 Tablets or more - $3000
(Note: The security deposit is fully refundable upon the undamaged return of the tablets.)

Rental Fee per Tablet: $5.00 Includes charger cables and power supply blocks, with the addition of shipping costs.

Need more? We can provide all the necessary power cords and peripherals to ensure your event runs seamlessly!

Just give us a shout!!

If you're looking at a more permanent solution, we have tablets ready for purchase and immediate shipment. Check out the following link:

DPFL Shop - Ipad's

Tablet Rental Contact 

Thanks for reaching out ! We will get with you shortly !

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