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Matt Arpin

"Never give up and never give in no matter what !"

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Name:Matt Arpin

Age: 30

Hometown: Coventry, Rhode Island

Darts Used: Matt Arpin Steel Tip Signature Dart by Galaxy Barrel Designs. 26 MM Carbon shafts with Shape Flights

Occupation: Master Carpenter

Motto: “never give up and never give in no matter what.”

Favorite High Out:110 and 116

Favorite Double: 16

Join us as we embark to witness Matt Arpin’s wit, determination, and unwavering passion for the game of darts

If you could have any superpower while playing darts, what would it be and why? Matt's eyes light up as he proclaims, "I would choose having a double superpower! Who needs to waste precious darts trying to hit that elusive double when you can land right in the target from the start?" Oh, the joy of bypassing those pesky double troubles!


How do you mentally prepare yourself before a high-stakes match or tournament, and do you have any specific strategies for staying focused and confident? Matt's approach is all about keeping his arm moving, maintaining a steady pace, and reminding himself to stay calm, relaxed, and focused. He knows that negative thoughts can lead to a downward spiral, so he actively blocks them out, focusing solely on the task at hand. “It's all about pushing those doubts and negatives aside to achieve the best results.” After all, a positive mindset leads to positive outcomes!


Can you share some memorable moments or highlights from your darting career that have had a significant impact on you? With a proud smile, Matt reminisces about his first big win—the grand final in DPNE. Achieving that goal was beyond his dreams, and it filled him with a sense of accomplishment. He also cherishes the thrilling matches that went down to the wire during DPFL season 1, where he held his nerves and emerged victorious. Those intense moments are what make the game of darts truly exhilarating!


What are your goals and aspirations for your darting career in the coming years? Is there a particular milestone or achievement you're aiming for? Matt shares his ambitious plans. His ultimate desire is to make it onto TV events and compete overseas, earning that prestigious tour card. With a three-year plan ahead, Matt is determined to give it his all and see how far his passion and talent can take him. His dream? Making it to the World Championships and gracing the grandest stage of them all!



How do you balance your darting commitments with other aspects of your life, such as work or personal friendships? Matt's life revolves around three major priorities: family, work, and darts. He focuses on work during the day and wakes up early to squeeze in some valuable practice time. Once his daughter is tucked in bed, it's back to throwing darts until bedtime. With friendships concentrated on a few close individuals, Matt's main concerns revolve around his daughter, the dartboard, and conquering the darts world!


How has being a sponsored player with DPFL Darts impacted your darting career and overall experience in the darting community? Matt acknowledges the immense support and recognition he has received as a DPFL sponsored player. He feels a surge of confidence being part of the DPFL family and has taken it upon himself to introduce more players to the league. Matt is grateful for the opportunity and cherishes the enjoyable experiences it has brought him.


Who are your sponsors? Matt proudly represents DPFL, Galaxy Barrels and Apparel, Tee Up Taproom, and TCD Sports Bar and Pub. These sponsors have recognized Matt's dedication and skill, providing him with the support he needs to thrive in the darting world. It's a powerful partnership!


 If you could play a game of darts against any historical figure, who would it be and why? Matt's admiration shines through as he reveals his desire to face off against Nathan Aspinall. He's inspired by Aspinall's journey and relentless pursuit of success. Matt feels a strong connection with his story, sharing the same passion and determination. Darts, after all, is a game that requires motivation, practice, and plenty of inspiration!


Stay tuned for more laughter, thrilling victories, and darting escapades as Matt continues to conquer the board with unwavering resolve. Keep your eye on this rising star

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