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Appreciation ? Hate ? Love ? Disrespect ? We conquer it all every day !!

🔥🎯 Good morning people

It's Tim Wey, breaking the ice with Bobblehead Brian Herbert. We're throwing open the doors to our world, offering you an insight into our rollercoaster of a journey, the paths we've tread, and the mountains we've scaled! Join us weekly, as we give you an all-access pass to our universe! And yes its like an Alex Spellman post lol ( get your coffee ready and take a few minutes ) but i think its absoluetly worth a read just like all of his posts!! or his videos now ! Absolueltly worth it !!🌌🚀

Let's turn back time a little, to an era where Chris Clark and I, two comrades-in-arms, found ourselves at odds with a self-serving entity. That tumultuous phase spawned what you now know and love as DPFL Darts. 💪🎯 This journey has seen friendships tested, trials encountered, yet against all odds, DPFL has taken flight, reaching altitudes we never dreamt possible. 🚀🌠 From a spark of rebellion to steering one of North America's most influential darts organizations and the worldwide largest active Online Steel Tip League, it's been one heck of a ride! And let me tell you, we're nowhere near done. The cosmos is our playground!

It's time to roll out the red carpet for those who have been instrumental in our ascension. These amazing individuals might have charted a different course for themselves, but their devotion to DPFL remained steadfast. Their efforts have nurtured DPFL into the mighty force it is today. And their legacy? It's echoed in every dart we throw, every victory we celebrate, every tournament we organize.

And who are these stars? Chris Clark leads the charge. Matt Pfleiderer, our hat-wearing style guru, follows. And let's not overlook Scott Hanisch, the relentless inquirer. Bob Rafferty, a stalwart believer in DPFL's cause. And then we have Harry Carter and Alan Palmer, the pillars of strength for DPFL. Last, but certainly not least, Michael Holdman, whose commentary gave voice to our cause. Thanks a million, fellas! 🙏💖

Now, let's rewind. Imagine handling a thousand active players, juggling myriad characters and opinions, orchestrating a slew of online and live events – it's no walk in the park! 😅 The layers to this game are more numerous than the layers of an onion, and most folks have only caught a glimpse of the outermost layer. The grind of the inner workings? You'd never understand unless you're in the thick of it.

Falling into roles we never envisioned, Chris and I had to adapt. I, a mechanical engineer, an import-export clerk, and a certified car technician, suddenly found myself neck-deep in a world alien to me. Building a website? Streaming? We were novices, leaning heavily on experts like Dustin Story. We had to master skills from scratch - designing jerseys, developing apps, understanding shipping regulations. We started from square one.

The challenges? Plenty! It's about striving for the impossible – to keep everyone satisfied. Being a leader comes with a hefty price – love, appreciation, but also hate, threats, and disrespect. Misunderstandings abound, criticism sometimes unjust, but the pain is very real. I've witnessed the meltdown of many organizers, not from workloads, but from a lack of respect.

But don't get me wrong. It's not all storms and tornadoes. Gratitude exists, though sometimes overshadowed by naysayers who stir up a storm for the fun of it. Why do we let one slip-up negate a hundred successes? Social media is a double-edged sword, amplifying praise as well as backlash. Some rise above the noise, others falter under the pressure, their mental health being the casualty. Yes, I've seen that, too.

Being the helmsman of a company isn't merely about managing orders or coordinating team meetings. It's about the ceaseless grind – maintaining a website, ideating, thinking outside the box, designing jerseys, and so much more. It's a relentless pursuit. I've had my fair share of cheerleaders and critics, but let me let you in on a secret: it's the naysayers who stoke the fires of my resilience. Can I withstand the heat, the pressure? You bet I can! 💪🔥

Our mighty DPFL team, now more formidable than ever, is committed to enhancing your darts experience. United we stand, ready to brave the challenges thrown our way. The key is to appreciate what we've built and work harmoniously rather than at cross-purposes. It's a wild ride, folks, but hell, we're strapped in and ready for the journey! 🎯🚀

There are moments when the load feels overwhelming, and I question the toll it's taking on my mental health. But I remind myself of the darts community – the players, the fans, the critics – each one playing a role in our narrative. They shape us, challenge us, forging us into a stronger, more resilient entity. So, if the road to success means wading through a shitstorm, bring it on!

To the unsung heroes, the silent supporters who check in, who ask, 'How are you today?' – your gestures may seem small, but they make our journey a little less arduous, a little more joyous.

But let's address the elephant in the room. Why the tendency to tarnish the good? Why the haste to highlight flaws, yet the reluctance to recognize efforts? Isn't it time we changed this narrative? Shouldn't we start acknowledging the blood, sweat, and tears that go into creating something born out of love for the game, for the community?

To those who believe they can do better, I say, step up. But remember, it's easier said than done. Unless you've walked in our shoes, you won't grasp the depth of what it means to be an organizer, a facilitator, a game-changer.

Our journey with DPFL mirrors life in many ways. The peaks and troughs, the wins and losses, the love and hate – they're everywhere, not just in darts. They seep into our relationships, our workplaces. It's life, in all its glory and grit.

The reality is, not everyone possesses the grit to go the extra mile, the resilience to keep going amidst adversity. But guess what? We need those people too. Everyone has a role to play, a contribution to make, however big or small.

But let me say this: there's no greater testament to our efforts than the brickbats we've weathered. These trials have only stoked the fires of our determination, our resolve to keep pushing boundaries, to keep growing, to keep redefining the game.

Great organizations, successful individuals, trailblazing companies – none of them have journeyed without critics. Criticism tests your mettle, your resolve, your mental toughness.

Our journey isn't just about organizing events or leading a successful darts organization. It's about resilience, about grit, about growing the game, about standing firm in a world quick to judge.

Above all, it's about the love for the game, the community, and for making a positive impact. We're here to shake things up!

See you on the flip side, warriors! Stay tuned for more next week ill talk about Sponsorship Don't forget Thursday night with Booblehead Brian Herbert ONLY two weeks left to get in on DPFL Season 8 - get in asap!! DPFL Darts Tim Wey

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