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The  DPFL online league has a set of rules in place to ensure fair play, timely matches, and efficient administration of the competition. Here is a detailed explanation of the rules:

  1. Match Schedule: Each week of the league starts on Sunday night and ends on the following Sunday. If a match is not played within this time frame, it will be forfeited unless prior communication is made to DPFL about any extenuating circumstances.

  2. Match Announcements: Matches for the week are announced by Tim Wey or other Admins in the Division Channel, and can also be found on the DartConnect website and app using your assigned DartConnect Board Number.

  3. Playing Matches: Players are only allowed to play the matches announced for the current week. There is a prohibition on playing matches ahead of schedule unless there are exceptional circumstances such as vacation or sickness, and this must be communicated with DPFL. If matches are played outside of the current week without authorization, they will be reset and will have to be replayed.

  4. Scheduling Matches: Players should schedule their matches as soon as the new match-ups are announced, usually on Saturday or Sunday nights. Communication with your opponent is key and should take place in your Group Channel.

  5. Difficulty Contacting Opponents: If a player cannot get in contact with their opponent or they are unresponsive, DPFL should be notified so they can intervene. If an opponent cannot be reached or they cannot play the match, the match will be forfeited and the other player will receive the match win.

  6. Rescheduling: If players agreed on a date and time for a match but one player can't make it, they should inform their opponent as soon as possible. Rescheduling is not allowed within 1 hour before the match.

  7. Late Arrival: If a player arrives more than 30 minutes late to a scheduled match without prior communication, the match will be forfeited.

  8. Joining Matches: To join a match, players must use the DartConnect app, navigate to the DPFL Online League via the Tournament button, and enter their assigned board number. They should then select the match they are supposed to play for the week, join the Discord Board Channel with their opponent, turn on their camera, and start the match.

  9. Saving Matches: Players are urged to save their game after they finish their match to keep a record of the game.

  10. Player Departure: If a player decides to quit the league, they will not receive a refund. Furthermore, all matches played against that player will be forfeited, whether they have been played or are yet to be played. Past matches will be forfeited as well regardless of the original result.

  11. Cheating: DPFL takes cheating very seriously. If a player is suspected of cheating, the match should be paused and DPFL contacted immediately. A player who is confirmed to be cheating will have all of their past and future matches forfeited, and they will be removed from the league and banned from any future DPFL events. 
    If you suspect anybody of cheating reach out to @admin in any channel or private message on discord to the Admins.


  12. DPFL will not allow the use of the Unicorn Contender board for any event regardless of skill level. 

The essence of these rules is to foster a sense of fair play, respect, and efficient communication within the DPFL community. By adhering to these rules, players ensure a smooth and enjoyable competition for all involved.


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