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Gary Brooks "Mr.Niceguy"

"Keep Throwing"

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Name: Gary Brooks
NickName: Mr. Nice Guy

Age: 47

Hometown: Casper, Wyoming

Darts Used: Target Cult Swiss Point 21gr. Cosmo Carbon #3 Spinning shafts with Cosmo Standard Black Flight.

Occupation: Welder Fabrication

Motto: “Keep Throwing” 

Favorite High Out:164

Favorite Double: The one he hits

Join us as we explore Gary Brooks darting adventures filled with wit, dedication, and a sprinkle of hilarious quirkiness!

If you could create a wacky dart rule that all players must follow, what would it be? Gary's eyes light up mischievously as he shares his imaginative rule. "Every third dart thrown must be launched while sitting on a chair," he declares with a chuckle. Imagine the hilarity that would ensue as players try to maintain their balance while aiming for that elusive treble!


How do you mentally prepare yourself before a high-stakes match or tournament, and do you have any specific strategies for staying focused and confident? Gary has a unique perspective on the mental game. His first rule: “always remember that you have three more darts coming your way.” Winning isn't determined in the first three darts. Gary believes that hitting a triple with his first dart boosts his confidence and makes subsequent throws easier. It's not about the people he's playing against but rather the connection with the board. He touches his toes to the oche, throws slightly to the left, and aims for consistency. Surprisingly, he throws better when going to the right, as throwing across his body feels more natural. Straight shots for the win!

Can you share some insights into your training routine and the level of dedication required to excel in darts? Gary drops some knowledge bombs on us. He encourages players to face better opponents without fear of losing. Investing in yourself means taking the time to understand your mental and physical game. Stepping out of your comfort zone and playing in unfamiliar and challenging situations is key to improvement. Watching other players and participating in bigger tournaments will expose you to new strategies and help you grow. Don't settle for being a "home classic player." Embrace the competition and elevate your game!

If you had to choose a theme song to play every time you stepped up to the oche, what song would it be and why? It's time to pump up the volume with Eminem's "Lose Yourself"! This song resonates with Gary and gets him pumped up for a match. It represents seizing the opportunity, giving it your all, and making the most of that one shot at the oche. It's a powerful anthem that gets them in the zone!

What are your goals and aspirations for your darting career in the coming years? Is there a particular milestone or achievement you're aiming for? Gary's first goal is to see DPFL grow to have 1,000 players. He's passionate about helping the ADO (American Darts Organization) grow as well. These two organizations are where Gary feels he can do the most good!  Nurturing new players to learn and grow in the sport, is what Gary is all about. He wants to lead by example, showing that you can be a skilled dart player and a good person. His ultimate goal is to promote darts, whether in steel tip or soft tip, and inspire others to join the darting community. Gary believes in online darts and its potential to revolutionize the sport!

Who are your sponsors? Gary is proudly sponsored by DPFL, A to Z Darts, Colonial Darts, and USA Darts. These sponsors have recognized his talent and dedication, supporting his darting endeavors. Moreover, Gary has been instrumental in hosting seven ADO qualifiers this year, truly making an impact within the darting community.

What have online darts done for you, and what do you wear when you play? Online darts have become a saving grace for Gary. They provide him with a hobby to enjoy at home, preventing boredom! When playing, he gets his trusty jersey and comfy jogging pants. But here's the kicker—he wears the same shoes he wears during in-person tournaments. Talk about consistency! Gary's dedication knows no bounds. With only one local league available, he actively participates in three to four online darts leagues. “It's an amazing way for people without local steel-tip leagues to experience the thrill of competitive darts.” And let's not forget Gary's dart room adorned with trophies and plaques, each one a reminder of his achievements and the joy of collecting those "dust collectors"!

If you were a dartboard, what would be written on your segments instead of numbers? Gary's smile shines through as he suggests, "Do you think you can hit me in my face? You're going to miss, and miss badly." Oh, the banter that would ensue with those unconventional segments!

Biggest win? Picture this: Gary finds himself in a group with darting heavyweights at the 2019 PDC qualifier in Vegas. The tension mounts as Gary battles through the rounds, making it to the board final. And then, in an exhilarating triumph..A truly monumental achievement for Gary! He also finished top 16 in 2 of the 4 events.


With his witty personality, infectious passion for the game, and dedication to promoting darts, Gary continues to leave an indelible mark on the darting community. Stay tuned for more laughter, triumphs, and darting adventures as Gary keeps aiming for greatness. Keep throwing, Gary

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