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Twisted Madness

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Twisted Madness

Introducing the DPFL Twisted Madness: Sunday Funday Event!

Join us for a thrilling and unconventional darts experience.
In this event, we're turning the game upside down with a twist on the traditional 301 DIDO format. Get ready for some excitement!


Format: The tournament will be a SINGLES Event and single elimination.
Best of 5
301 DIDO
PDC Cork Rule after that alternating start !


Eligibility: To participate, you must have a Dartconnect competition card with an average of 55 and below !

Unique Dartboard Rotation: Prepare for a twist unlike any other! We'll be rotating the dartboard before we start the event.
How does it work?
We'll spin a wheel, and wherever it lands, the 20 section of the board will be rotated where the wheel landed on ! 
It adds an element of surprise and challenge to keep you on your toes! 


Unranked Event: Please note that this event is not ranked, allowing you to enjoy the competition in a more relaxed setting.

Player Limit: To ensure an optimal experience, we have a maximum limit of 32 players. Make sure to secure your spot early!

Mark Your Calendars: Sunday Funday happens on the first Sunday of every month at 8pm EST. Here are the upcoming dates for your reference:

Registration cutoff 1 hour before the Event ( 7pm est )

  • February 4, 2024

  • March 3, 2024

  • April 7, 2024

  • May 5, 2024

  • June 2, 2024

  • July 7, 2024 (Finals)


Guaranteed Payouts after each regular event:

  • 1st - $60

  • 2nd - $40

  • T4 - $20

  • Finals Payouts:

  • 1st - $100

  • 2nd - $50

  • T4 - $30

  • T8 - $20

    Additional Ranking Payouts after the Finals:

  • 1st - $200 + DPFL Live Championship Spot 2024

  • 2nd - $100

  • T4 - $50

Points after each regular event:

  • 1st - 100

  • 2nd - 80

  • T4 - 60

  • T8 - 40

  • T16 - 30

  • T32 - 20
    Participation pts: 10


  • Finals Points

  • 1st - 300

  • 2nd - 150

  • T4 - 100

  • T8 - 80

  • T16 - 60

  • T32 - 40
    Participation pts: 20

twisted logo.png

Twisted Madness

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**DPFL is committed to maintaining fair competition and ensuring accurate player information. To uphold these standards, we have implemented a policy regarding player averages.

In the event that DPFL detects any discrepancies or incorrect information regarding a player's average, immediate action will be taken. This may include disqualification from all future DPFL events.

We strongly urge all participants to enter and upload their accurate and up-to-date data. It is essential to provide the correct information to maintain the integrity of our events and ensure a level playing field for all competitors.

By adhering to this policy and submitting accurate data, you help us maintain the highest standards of fairness and competition within the DPFL community. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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