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Doubles Cup 3.0

doubles event.png

Doubles CUp 3.0


**🎯 DPFL Doubles Cup 3.0 / 2024 - The Battle of Duos! 🎯**
**🎯Bring your own Partner 🎯**

Mark your calendars: Starting November 1st, we're bringing you some mid-week darting excitement every two weeks, right in the middle of the hump day blues! 🗓️

**👥 Team Up and Throw Down: **This time, it's all about doubles! Grab your darts partner, because you're going to need them. We're serving up a total of 18 events leading up to the grand finals! Open to everyone and no average Cap !

**🏆 Competition is Fierce: **Each event is open to a maximum of 32 teams. You know what that means - fierce competition and plenty of opportunities to showcase your darting skills. 🎯

🎯Format will be:🎯
501 Double in / Double out - Best of 5

Finals match 501 Double in / Double out - Best of 7

Bull up 

PDC style

alternate all the way 

only cork once

**💰 Cash Prizes Guaranteed:** When it comes to rewards, we've got you covered. It's not just about the glory; it's about the cold, hard cash. In our regular Wednesday night events:
🥇 Winner Team: Walk away with $200 in your pocket.

🥈 Runners-up Team: You're not going home empty-handed; pocket $100.

🥉 Top 4 Teams: Share a sweet $50 reward.

**🔥 Grand Finals Showdown:** As if the regular events weren't enough, we're bringing out the big guns in the finals! The winners of this event are in for some special treats ( Top 32 Teams are qualified for the FInals ):

**🏆 Champions:** Claim victory and earn $300, not to mention that golden ticket - qualification for the DPFL LIve Championship event!

👕 Exclusive Champ Jersey: Wear it with pride and let everyone know you're a DPFL Doubles Cup Champ!
🎯 Free Entry in Doubles Event: Ready to do it all over again in style!

**🥈 Runners-up Team:** $200 plus the ticket for the DPFL Championship Event 2024

🎩 10 DPFL Hats: A stylish addition to your collection.

🎯 Free Entry in Doubles Event: Ready to do it all over again in style!

**🎯Top 4 Teams:** $100

**Here are the Dates:**


Registration Ends 7pm EST

Tournament Starts 8pm EST

April 17, 2024, Wednesday

May 1, 2024, Wednesday

May 15, 2024, Wednesday

May 29, 2024, Wednesday

June 12, 2024, Wednesday

June 26, 2024, Wednesday

July 10, 2024, Wednesday

**Grand Final**

July 24, 2024, Wednesday

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to hit those bullseyes! Let's do this! 🚀




doubles event.png

Doubles CUp 3.0

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DPFL Open Doubles Cup 3.0 

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