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Observing etiquette while playing darts online has been a growing concern, particularly in the last year. As such, we have devised a set of etiquette rules for our league members, and for anyone engaging in online darts. These rules are designed to promote respectful communication, fair play, and an enjoyable competitive environment for all players.

1. Communication is essential: Always introduce yourself at the start of the game, engage in a brief small talk, and wish your opponent good luck ("Shoot well").

2. Maintain a quiet environment: Ensure you play in a setting free from background distractions, such as music, pets, or family members.

3. Audibility: It is crucial that your opponent can hear you. Adjust your settings accordingly if they can't.

4. Board visibility: In online darts, board vision is paramount. Position your camera to capture a clear view of all board segments.

5. Call out your score: Always verbalize your score before retrieving your darts from the board.

6. Enter your score: Make sure to input your score on DartConnect before pulling out your darts.

7. Dart retrieval: If your darts land near the wire or if you're hitting big numbers, retrieve each dart individually. This is especially important when finishing a leg or match.

8. No distractions: Refrain from distracting your opponent with unnecessary talking or noises.

9. Avoid game delays: Do your best to keep the game flowing without unnecessary interruptions.

10. Scoring pauses: Always wait for your opponent to enter their score in DartConnect before throwing your darts.

11. Commit to scheduled matches: Honor your commitments by making all scheduled matches.

12. Full effort: Always play at 100% and avoid any attempts to manipulate league standings.

13. Be prepared: Keep in mind that dart equipment (shafts, flights, tips) can break, so have replacements ready.

14. Break announcements: If you need to take a break during the match, inform your opponent beforehand. Both players must agree on any breaks taken.

15. Respectful language: Refrain from using vulgar or offensive language towards any player or team member.

16. Mention your time zones: This helps to avoid any confusion while scheduling matches.

17. Be respectful: Show courtesy and respect to all players at all times.

By adhering to these simple etiquette rules, we can ensure a focus on the game of darts, enabling fun and competitive matches for everyone involved.

Thank you,



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