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Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes InFormation

Good morning... 🎯✨

🚀 We just came up with the DPFL Mystery Boxes Raffle!
🎁 Grab your tickets NOW and unlock the door to spectacular surprises!


Single Ticket: Just $20!
Triple the fun with Three Tickets for $50!
Or, seize the ultimate deal - Free Choice of Box for $90 and become a guaranteed winner! 


📺 Join us LIVE! Pick your box during our livestream and watch as we unveil the treasures inside, LIVE before your eyes! 🎉

🎫 Secure your tickets and you could be the star of the show, with a chance to win BIG during our live draw!

✨ For those opting for the $90 deal, victory is yours! Choose your mystery box and claim your prize guaranteed! 🏆

🔥 Mystery Boxes are bursting with value, ranging from $100 to $350, including TWO boxes with extraordinary Special Surprises! 🤯

Prizes are beyond your wildest dreams: Exclusive Jerseys, Fashionable Hats, Cutting-edge Tablets, Cool Stickers, Precision Darts, Sleek Computers, High-quality Cameras, VIP Entry Packages, Luxury Flights, Stylish Bags, and even custom-designed Jerseys just for YOU! 🌈

Don't miss out on this rollercoaster of excitement and prizes! Get your tickets and let the magic begin! 🎟️✨

Team DPFL 🎯


Mystery Box Tickets

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