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  • How do I register for a DPFL tournament or league?
    Registration for DPFL events is managed through the DPFL website. Specific instructions and details about each event are typically provided in the event announcement.
  • What equipment do I need to participate in DPFL?
    At a minimum, you need a dartboard, darts, a webcam, and a scoring device to participate in DPFL. The webcam is necessary for score verification and the device for recording scores online.
  • Can I compete in DPFL events if I live outside Florida or the United States?
    Yes, you can! DPFL's transition to an online format means that players from anywhere in the world can participate, as long as they have the necessary equipment.
  • What is the DPFL Order of Merit (OoM)?
    The DPFL OoM is a ranking system based on a point system, where points can be accumulated during all Events/Tournaments. The Top 8 Players in the DPFL OoM qualify for the DPFL Champions Event.
  • How does the scoring work in DPFL events?
    Scoring in DPFL events is done digitally with dartconnect, with players recording their scores on their devices. A webcam is required for score verification.
  • I'm a beginner at darts. Can I still participate in DPFL?
    Absolutely! DPFL is open to players of all skill levels. The goal is to promote fair, competitive play and grow the sport of darts.
  • What is the schedule for DPFL events?
    The schedule for DPFL events varies and is announced in advance on the DPFL website and social media platforms. Be sure to check regularly for updates.
  • What is DPFL?
    DPFL (formerly Darts Players Florida) is an online dart league that was created with a focus on the players and competitive fairness. It was established in 2020 by Tim Wey and Chris Clark and has grown to be one of the largest online dart leagues in the world.
  • How was DPFL founded?
    DPFL was initially founded as an in-person singles league in Tampa, Florida. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it pivoted to an online format and has since attracted players from around the world.
  • How can I join DPFL?
    To join DPFL, you need a webcam and a scoring device. This allows for fair competition and scoring verification. More details about joining and the sign-up process can be found on the DPFL website.
  • What is the DPFL Online League?
    The DPFL Online League is an opportunity for dart players with a webcam and a scoring device to participate in a global online darts community. The league sessions have garnered significant interest and participation from around the world.
  • How does DPFL ensure fair and competitive play?
    DPFL requires a webcam for scoring verification to maintain fairness in the games. Also, it focuses on ensuring that all players have an equal opportunity to compete and succeed.
  • What are the future plans for DPFL?
    As the world is reopening post-pandemic, DPFL plans to host live events with substantial payouts. Further details will be shared on the DPFL website and social media channels.
  • How can I get in touch with DPFL?
    For any inquiries, suggestions, or feedback, you can reach out to DPFL at
  • How can I become a sponsor or partner of DPFL?
    If you're interested in sponsoring or partnering with DPFL, reach out to them through their contact form or directly at They'd love to hear from you!
  • How can I stay updated on DPFL news and events?
    You can stay updated on all things DPFL by following them on social media and subscribing to their website. You'll get regular updates on upcoming tournaments, league sessions, and other DPFL news.
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