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Blind Draw Masters 2024

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🎯 **DPFL Blind Draw Masters Event 2024: Let's Make It Legendary!** 🎯

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen! The much-awaited DPFL Blind Draw Masters Event for 2024 is finally here! 🎉 Please make sure to read the following important details:

🔗 **Video Guide**:
I've attached a helpful video on how to connect through DartConnect and Discord as a doubles team. Remember, only one person enters the score, while the other uses the DCTV Code! Check it out!
Right here:

For any questions or assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

🔒 **Bracket Info**:
You can find the bracket and stay updated on current matches in the #Tourney Lobby Channel. The bracket link will be posted as soon as it's available, so stay tuned!
Every Event is capped to 32 Players! So sign up as ealry as possible to secure your spot !

📜 **Event Rules**:
- Drawing takes place at 7:30 pm EST in the Lobby using the DartConnect Bracket Generator (watch the fun in the tourney lobby!).
- Single Elimination format.
- Regular Monday/Thursday night events and Super Sunday.
- Best of 3 sets / Best of 3 Legs:
   1st Set - 501 SIDO
   2nd Set - Cricket
   3rd Set - 301 DIDO (if needed)
- Cork toss for the Corkstart. Remember, PDC Cork Rule - Must hit Bull, and alternating bull throughout.
- Finals will be Best of 3 sets / Best of 3 legs with the same rules.
- Matches can be played as soon as they become available!

📣 **Communication & Support**:
- Players must connect through Discord in the designated Board channels (matching your DartConnect Board Number).
- If you encounter any issues, reach out to @admin in any discord channel. We will be there to assist you on your board.
- Note: We'll be in the Lobby channel on Discord for questions and support.
- Remember, any complaints after the match won't be entertained.

⏰ **Match Timing**:
- Matches will be sent to your device at 8 pm EST sharp!
- If your partner doesn't show up, your money will be refunded.
- Please be aware that players who don't show up won't be refunded after the registration is closed.

**Monday night / Thursday night**:
- Winner - Team $120
- Runner up - Team $80
- Top 4 - Team $40

**Super Sunday**:
- Winner - Team $180
- Runner up - Team $120
- Top 4 - Team $80

**Finals ( Top 32 players in the BDM Ranks will be qualified )**:
- Winner - Team $240 + free entry Live Event Blind Draws
- Runner up - $180 + free entry Live Event Blind Draws
- Top 4 - $120
- Top 8 - $60 

*Individual Rankings**
1st - Free Room in Villa + $200 Travel money
2nd - Free Room in Villa + $200 Travel money
3rd - $200 Travel money
4th - $200 Travel money

🌟 **Points System ( all points will also go in your Order of Merit Ranks )**:
**Regular Monday / Thursday Event**
Participation Points: 10pts
Winner Team - 100pts
Runner up - 80pts
T4 - 60pts
T8 - 50pts
T16 - 40pts
T32 - 20pts

*Super Sunday**
Participation Points: 20pts
Winner Team - 200pts
Runner up - 160pts
T4 - 120pts
T8 - 100pts

T16 - 80pts
T32 - 40pts

Participation Points: 2
Winner Team - 1000pts
Runner up - 600pts
T4 - 500pts
T8 - 400pts
T16 - 300pts
T32 - 200pts

**Entry Fees**
- Regular Monday / Thursday Event $16
- Super Sunday $31
- FInals $31

Get ready to have an incredible time at the DPFL Blind Draw Masters Event 2024! 🎉🎯

**Team DPFL**

vdm 2024.png


DPFL Blind Draw Masters 2024

Select an item ($)

Thanks for registering for this Event! Enjoy !!

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