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Brian Mercer "Teddybear"

"Don't poke the Bear"

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Name: Brian Mercer
Nickname: Teddy Bear

Age: 41

Hometown: Upper Island Cove in Newfoundland, Canada

Darts Used:Brian Mercer 22gr Custom Darts. Cosmo Gear #2 Shafts with Cosmo Fit Flight Air Black Flights

Occupation: Carpenter

Motto: “Don't poke the bear” 

Favorite High Out:156

Favorite Double: 16

Get ready to be entertained as we embark on a darting adventure filled with humor, determination, and a touch of Teddy Bear charm!

If you could have any superpower while playing darts, what would it be and why? A mischievous smile spreads across the Teddy Bear's face as he ponders this question. "Deadshot from Suicide Squad!" he exclaims. "Because a dead shot never misses a target. Just imagine the sheer perfection of every throw. I'd be untouchable!"


How do you mentally prepare yourself before a high-stakes match or tournament, and do you have any specific strategies for staying focused and confident? Ah, the Teddy Bear has his rituals. Before a crucial game, he spends an hour or an hour and a half practicing to clear his mind. He tunes into some music to soothe his soul. But here's the catch: he won't start the match unless his last two or three throws feel solid. If they don't, he waits until he's in the right frame of mind. In his world, the darts have to be just right before the match begins. And while playing, you won't catch him watching his opponent's shots. He believes in avoiding extra pressure and prefers to focus on his own game.


Can you share some memorable moments or highlights from your darting career that have had a significant impact on you? The Teddy Bear's path took an intriguing turn when he signed up for online darts. When the pandemic hit, he purchased his first cam, and voila! Doors started opening. People began recognizing him and discovering the hidden gem that is Newfoundland, Canada. Playing national darts and representing Team Newfoundland in 2022 were monumental achievements. And let's not forget his virtual triumph in the CDC in 2023. The Teddy Bear has truly made waves in the darting realm!


If you had to choose a theme song to play every time you stepped up to the oche, what song would it be and why? Prepare to feel the thunder with "Eye of the Storm" by Godsmack! As the Teddy Bear describes it, entering a dart tournament is akin to stepping into a tempest, where one brave soul takes a stand and emerges victorious. With his self-proclaimed love for heavy metal, his entrance is nothing short of epic!


What are your goals and aspirations for your darting career in the coming years? Is there a particular milestone or achievement you're aiming for? The Teddy Bear dreams of playing on the grand stage across the pond. He yearns to showcase his darting talents and soak up the electrifying atmosphere of the World Masters in NYC. Playing on the big stage is his ultimate ambition!


How has being a sponsored player with DPFL Darts impacted your darting career and overall experience in the darting community? The Teddy Bear beams with pride as he reflects on the impact of his sponsorship. “To be singled out from among thousands of players is a monumental achievement.” It has propelled him forward, furthering his growth in the darting world. Representing the world's largest online dart league has opened doors and introduced him to incredible people from all corners of the globe. Some skeptics may question sponsorships, but the Teddy Bear emphasizes that DPFL is there for the players, offering support without added pressure. He feels honored and supported, doing what he loves with the backing of DPFL.

And now, for a touch of celebration and dance:


What's your go-to celebratory dance move when you hit that 170 out? The Teddy Bear may not be the most enthusiastic dancer, but when that majestic 170 out is achieved, you can expect a couple of triumphant fist bumps in the air. It's all about channeling that burst of joy and reveling in the moment!


What do you wear when you play online darts? Picture this: the Teddy Bear striding confidently to the virtual oche, clad in a pair of comfortable shirts, darts in hand. And what sets his ensemble apart? None other than his trusty grey crocs! Who said you can't have style and comfort at the same time?


Who are your sponsors? Rest NL Mattress, 9 Dart Out, and DPFL Darts. These fantastic sponsors have recognized the Teddy Bear's talent and passion, supporting him throughout his darting journey. From ensuring restful nights to clutch finishes and representing the world's largest online dart league, Brian proudly stands alongside his sponsors, grateful for their support.


So, my darting friends, there you have it—the determined, and utterly charming world of Brian "Teddy Bear" Mercer. Keep an eye on this remarkable player as he continues to conquer new stages and spread his infectious spirit throughout the darting community. Until we meet again, aim high, enjoy the thrill of the game, and remember, never poke the bear!

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