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King of the Hill ( KOTH )

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King of the Hill InFormation

 🎯 Dive into the action with DPFL KOTH June 2024 -501 SIDO - Best of 7

🌟 Here's what you need to know:


📅 The KOTH runs like clockwork from the 1st to the last day of each month. A whole month of darting delight awaits you! 🎯

🌟 Brand new and dynamic! We're thrilled to introduce the DPFL dynamic ELO Ranking system for this event. Your skill and strategy will truly shine in this exciting format! ⚡

💥 Play as many matches as your heart desires! The more you play, the higher you climb in the rankings. A perfect chance to show off your darting finesse! 💪🎯

📊 And the best part? Every match you win earns you precious DPFL Order of Merit points, propelling you closer to the DPFL Championship Event 2024! 🌐🏆

🎯 As a player, you're free to enjoy multiple matches - the more, the merrier!
🎯 Embrace the innovative DPFL ELO Ranking System to match you with worthy opponents.
🎯 Keep your eyes peeled - we might switch up the formats in the coming months!


Participation is a breeze: 💰

1️⃣ Register for the current month by paying a $10 participation fee.
2️⃣ Get in touch with fellow players on Discord's #call-outs Channel to arrange your matches.
3️⃣ Once you've called someone out, make sure they're registered for KOTH and have paid the fee.
4️⃣ Battle it out on the oche !
5️⃣ Report your match results in Discord's #match-reports Channel (host DartConnect reports are guaranteed).


💰 But wait, there's more! Let's talk prizes and payouts: 💰

🏆 Payouts are up for grabs on the 1st of every month, and they're linked to our dynamic ELO Rankings.
🏆 The top spot secures 45% of the monthly pot, while the next positions snag 25%, 15%, and 10%, respectively. Plus, 5% goes to the highest scoring points.
🏆 DPFL might just add some surprise money and prizes to spice things up!



Select Event
Don't forget to join our discord Server !
All communication and Video will go through Discord
Here is the Link to Join:

Thanks for registering for our event. See you there!

DPFL King of the Hill Regulations

Updated as of December 31, 2022


Throughout the course of a month (starting from the 1st and concluding on the last day), players will engage in thrilling competition vying for a prize pool that hinges on participation. Each player has the freedom to engage in as many matches as they desire ( max 3 Matches per day against the same person ! ), although they must partake in at least one match during the month to qualify for potential rewards. 

Our ranking system will be prominently displayed on the website, driven by a formula meticulously crafted by DPFL to calibrate for varying skill levels within the realm of darts. A total of 20 achievable points will be assigned per match, distributed according to the players' skill levels and the match's outcome.

To continue participating in the King of the Hill events, players are required to make a monthly contribution of $10. These events will span from the 1st of the month up until midnight on the month's final day.

The disbursal of rewards will take place in the subsequent month, scheduled either on the 1st or 2nd, as time permits for the compilation of precise data.


The format will undergo alterations on a monthly basis, with announcements made a few days ahead of the new month's commencement!

The game will commence with a cork for the start, followed by an alternate start for subsequent rounds. Matches will be conducted via Discord.
Please note that for platforms other than Discord, DPFL may not be able to provide technical support – Discord is our recommended choice.


Submission of match reports is required within 2 hours of the match's conclusion. Players must submit the link supplied by Dartconnect, which will be sent to their email, in the designated “Match-Reports” channel on Discord. Ensuring that the reports adhere to the correct format is crucial!

Failure to report matches as stipulated above will result in the match being deemed void and excluded from the rankings. Repeated occurrences of this could potentially lead to disqualification.

For matches held on the last day of the month, reports must be submitted prior to 11:59 EST on that day. Submissions after this cutoff will not be considered for that month. It's important to note that the host will unfailingly receive an email with the match report after it's saved – be sure to submit these reports.

Challenge Accepted:

Players are encouraged to issue challenges to fellow participants of the King of the Hill event. Once challenged, players should make an effort to schedule and complete the match as soon as possible.
A call-out should read as follows:
"Hey [Player's Name], I'm challenging you! Kindly provide me with the time and date for our match!"

These challenges can be initiated on Facebook or Discord. If using Discord, tag @admin. For Facebook Messenger, ensure you tag the individual as well as DPFL Darts.

Each player is allowed to issue a challenge to a fellow player once per month. So, choose your challenges wisely! During this phase, the player who's been challenged will be restricted from engaging in other matches until their challenge match is completed. Meanwhile, the player who issued the challenge can continue participating in regular matches.

As previously mentioned, DPFL is the proud host of this event, with its success hinging on the active participation of players. Whether you opt for one match or many, your engagement shapes the heart of this event. You're permitted to play a single opponent a maximum of three times (spanning three sets) per day.

Let's keep the competition fierce and find out who will emerge as the true KING OF THE HILL!! 🎯👑

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