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Alex Spellman "The Jackal"

"Belief in yourself doesn't reflect reality, it creates it." 

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Name: Alex Spellman
Nickname: The Jackal


Age: 34

Hometown: Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina 

Darts Used: Alex Spellman 22gr Steel Tip Signature Dart by Galaxy Barrel Designs. Black Intermediate Nylon Shafts with Egyptian Flights

Occupation: Ex IT Admin at Epic Games.Currently Professional Player and Coach

Motto: "Belief in yourself doesn't reflect reality, it creates it." 

Favorite High Out:104

Favorite Double: 20


Now, let's dive into the hilarious and thought-provoking world of Alex Spellman through our entertaining interview! 


If you could have any superpower while playing darts, what would it be and why? Alex ponders this and hilariously replies, "Superpowers? Not sure if levitation would help, but mind reading would be intriguing! Gotta know what my opponents are thinking, you know, just out of sheer curiosity!" 


How do you mentally prepare yourself before a high-stakes match or tournament, and do you have any specific strategies for staying focused and confident? Alex shares his secret, saying, "Technically, I don't have any specific strategies. I treat practice like everything else. If I'm playing well, confidence naturally flows. Anxious or nervous, it's all about the state of my own game. I focus on playing well and ensuring quality performance. No fancy rituals here!"


Can you share some memorable moments or highlights from your darting career that have had a significant impact on you? Alex reflects and humorously admits, "Remembering every dart I threw is getting tough. So many experiences in the past two years, it's like darting overload! Alex takes me back to the middle school days of 6th grade. “I had this amazing dartboard with a baseball field on the back and a wooden cork. I used to simulate the games of the Atlanta Braves, playing out their matchups for the night. It was quite a thrill, especially when I kept hitting Grand Slams one after another. But eventually, I got a bit bored with my unbelievable skills! Looking back, it's remarkable because I had no idea I had such a talent for the game at such a young age. Little did I know that darts would become such a significant part of my life!”

Also beating the number one ranked player in North America very early in Alex’s career was another big highlight. “The satisfaction, validation, and overwhelming surge of confidence and motivation to push my game forward were truly immense. It was a defining moment that fueled my determination to reach even greater heights in the world of darts!”


If you had to choose a theme song to play every time you stepped up to the oche, what song would it be and why? Alex amusingly ponders, "I have a song in mind with an Egyptian aspect, like 'Creeping Death' by Metallica. But let's keep the specific chants a secret! Maybe something upbeat and energetic like 'Superstition' by Stevie Wonder. You know, a song that gets the crowd grooving while I hit those bullseyes!" 


What are your goals and aspirations for your darting career in the coming years? Is there a particular milestone or achievement you're aiming for? Alex, always the unconventional thinker, shares, "I'm a bit of a weirdo, you know. Not aiming to become a darting superstar or conquer overseas competitions. I love the challenge and the game's essence, like playing a video game where you keep moving up. Sure, I'll make a push for the PDC tour, but I'm letting it flow naturally. No unnecessary pressure. Playing at an elite level and growing the game through coaching and business ventures is what really excites me!" 


How has being a sponsored player with DPFL Darts impacted your darting career and overall experience in the darting community? Alex dives into it, saying, "First of all, the meeting before becoming a DPFL-sponsored player was something else! But it wasn't until COVID hit that I really started playing. DPFL's league structure has been incredible, and the format is spot on. It's a mutual feeling of support between me and DPFL. Their sponsorship helps cover costs like flights and hotels, allowing me to travel and promote the game. DPFL has impacted my journey in every way imaginable!" 


What's the most bizarre or unexpected place you've ever played darts? Alex shares amusing tales, saying, "Well, nothing too wonky, but picture this: playing in a BBQ restaurant with a tilted floor in North Carolina! Throwing darts with a lean to the right, that was a challenge! And then there was a basement setup in St. Louis where I felt like I'd bump my head on the ceiling. Talk about low ceilings and high stakes! But the quirkiest of all was playing in an old nuclear facility turned amusement park in Kalkar, Germany during Q school. Darting party amidst a nuclear silo? Only in the darting world!" 


What is the idea behind your dart coaching program, Anubis Academy? Alex reveals, "Anubis, the guide to the underworld, helps you through that process. As an Egyptian mythology enthusiast and a dog lover (shoutout to my adorable pups), Anubis felt like a perfect fit. The coaching program came naturally as I've always enjoyed teaching and helping people.I'm taking a break from IT to focus on darts and share my passion through coaching. Remember, progress takes time; even I have struggles. It's okay to be bad, to lose. Let's learn, analyze, and coach together. I'm in this with you!" 


Who are your sponsors? Alex Spellman proudly states, "My sponsors are DPFL, Dart Brokers, and Galaxy Apparel Galaxy Barrel. They support me in my darting adventures and keep me looking sharp on the oche. Grateful for their trust and support!" 


Join us in celebrating the extraordinary journey of Alex Spellman, the darting maverick with a wicked sense of humor and a determination to conquer the oche! Stay tuned for more adventures from this remarkable player! 

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