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DPFL Setup

Fancy a tailor-made, one-of-a-kind dart wall to make a statement?

Ready to up your online darts game with a premium setup?

Look no further! We're here to transform your dreams into reality!

Whether you're enhancing your bar, jazzing up your pub, planning an event, or simply upgrading your man cave, we've got you covered.

Simply complete the contact form below and we'll get in touch to make your darting dreams come true!


Dual-mode Darting Fun

David Salley, predominantly a soft-tip enthusiast, also harbors a fondness for the steel game. Now, he's geared up for both online soft and steel-tip darts! We went an extra mile and built him an adjustable, foldable oche. Here's to the versatility of darting, embracing both soft and steel in unison!

Soft and Steel Combo


James Furlong's Darting Den

James graciously granted us a blank canvas in his ultra-modern garage, with one simple brief: a dual setup to take his online darts game to the next level, all wrapped in the richness of dark wood. And here's our masterpiece! A beautiful blend of functionality and aesthetics, ready to take on countless hours of darting fun!

Furlongs Den


Just Wrapped Up The Project at Florida's Premier Steeltip Pub!!

Brennan's Pub in Holiday, FL - A Mecca for Steeltip Darts!

They've earned the unique distinction of being the only bar in the U.S to boast 2 Scolia Systems, the world's premier automatic scoring system for Steeltip Darts. Brennan's has pulled out all the stops with 9 top-notch Steeltip setups, each one ready and raring to go for streaming, online darts, in-house tournaments, and of course, good ol' fun! Oh, and did I mention? DartConnect tablets are on the ready too!!

Ready, Set, Dart! Let's throw some at Brennan's!!!

Brennan's - Floridas Finest Steeltip Bar


Guess who just dialed in his aim, ready for some online darts action? It's Jim! We've worked out a top-notch online setup for him where he can put in the hours and nail those bullseyes.

The twist? His better half wanted us to sprinkle a bit of superhero magic on it - Captain America style, to be precise. Of course, we couldn't resist adding some star-spangled surprise into the mix!

So, here's what we've conjured up - a setup that's not just about precision, but also about celebrating the 'Cap' in all his glory. Let's throw some darts, shall we? On your mark, Jim!

Jim Widmayer - Captain America


Alright, folks! Check out the latest addition to the DPFL family of dart setups. This one belongs to our good friend, Chris.

All Chris did was point us to a spot in his new house and say, "Work your magic here." And that's exactly what we did! A challenge we gladly accepted, and I must say, we're pretty thrilled with how it turned out.

Introducing Chris's Single Board Setup - designed for the serious dart player, and, of course, ready for online play. We think we've hit the bullseye with this one, wouldn't you agree?

Remember, friends, whether you've got a specific vision or need a little help dreaming up the perfect setup, we at DPFL are here to make it happen. Onward to the next dart-venture!

Chris Baer - New House - New Setup


Say hello to the dapper setup we've curated for our good friend, Bob "Mumbles" Wallace!

One of our earliest projects, Bob had just one request - he wanted a dart setup that would blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of his dining room. No fuss, no frills, just a sleek and clean design that wouldn't disrupt his home's décor.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and worked our magic. And voila, here's the result! A dart setup that's not only functional but also a fitting addition to Bob's stylish dining area. No online darts, just a classic, tastefully done build.

Feast your eyes on this, folks!

Robert "Mumbles" Wallace - Dining Room


Say hello to the latest masterpiece to emerge from the DPFL Dart Setup workshop - proudly presenting Chris Cherry's setup!

Chris threw down the gauntlet one day with a challenge: could we bring a professional dart setup to life in his room? Well, if you know anything about us at DPFL, you know we love a challenge. We took a good look at his space and said, "Yes, we certainly can!"

And voila! Here it is! Chris's dream dart setup, right in his own room. If there's a will, there's a way - and at DPFL, we've got plenty of both.

Never underestimate the power of a dart setup done right. Whether it's a dedicated game room or a corner in your living space, we can make it happen. Ready for your own transformation? You know who to call!

Small Room ? - No Problem


Feast your eyes on the pièce de résistance of DPFL's live events! We proudly present our very first DPFL live extravaganza featuring a staggering 48 boards, all prepared to perfection. Every board is set up with an oche, fully connected with DartConnect and ready-to-go tablets. It's a sight for sore eyes, a masterpiece we can't help but be proud of.

A spectacle of this magnitude is a rarity in North America, dare I say, a first of its kind. So, we stand a little taller today, knowing we've transformed a dream into reality.

Looking at this setup, it's crystal clear: the future of darts is digital, and it's incredibly exciting. We are reshaping the way people engage with this magnificent sport, one event at a time.

On behalf of the entire DPFL team, we can't wait to see you step up to these oches and unleash your darting prowess. Here's to a grand game of arrows! Cheers!

And our Masterpiece - The 1st DPFL Live Setup


If our recent events have you itching for a similar setup, we've got your back! Whether it's for an event, your favorite local bar, or the comfort of your own home, we're here to turn your darting dreams into reality.

Our rentals are just a call away. Simply reach out to us, and we'll explore how we can tailor our services to your needs. It's about making your darts experience as memorable as possible, and we're in for the long haul.

Interested in owning a piece of this darting paradise? You're in luck! Just fill out the contact form below, and we'll take it from there.

With DPFL, nothing is out of reach. We take pride in making darting dreams come true, one board at a time. Looking forward to creating a phenomenal darting journey for you!

DPFL Setups and or Rentals

Thanks for your interest ! we will get back to you!

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