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DPFL Amateur Championships - Cursed???

DPFL Amateur Championship Event 12 - Pros under construction

Is there a curse on this event ??? You can only win it once !!!

12 Events - 12 Different winners!

What a night of darts !!! 51 Players fought for the win tonight!!

And there can only be one..

It was David Jurkins night !!! winning the finals over Jesse Rivera who was almost unstoppable !!! David played last night from 32 from 36 possible legs !

This event is just crazaaaaaaaaaaay you have so many great shooters in there and cant say whos gonna take it.. !!!

As we mentioned before its not about the highest avg in this event.. its about consistency !!! never won a person this event with the highest avg!!! its just crazy !!! But also exciting !!

Runner up tonight Jesse Rivera

Top 4

Michael Steinberg

Al Landers

Top 8

Mark Lowe

Connley Litton

Robert Dugre

Edward Pope

Next event will be on Tuesday May 14th!!

Come on guys 51 playerts tonight lets get the 64 !!

Get in right here:

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