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Its a wrap !! DPFL 2nd Live Event !!

Hey everyone,

DPFL's 2nd Live Event concluded this past Sunday, and what a fantastic journey it was! We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible players who participated and helped make this event a monumental success. Compared to last year, our numbers nearly tripled, with enthusiastic players from across the globe coming together to create a vibrant and competitive atmosphere.

A special shoutout goes to the remarkable individuals who supported and assisted us throughout the event: Keith Jackson, Mark Robinson Jr., Lisa Eimer, Esmerelda Red, Brian Herbert, Stephen McDowell, Carl Powers, Adam Wunglueck, and the entire Florida Commercial Care Team. Your dedication and hard work were invaluable!

We can't overlook the gracious hospitality of the Reunion Resort in Kissimmee. Their high-class accommodations, from villas to houses and rooms, coupled with their exceptional venue, contributed to an unforgettable experience for our participants.

As we bid farewell to the DPFL year 2023, we're gearing up for a fresh start. The upcoming year promises exciting Order of Merit standings and a lineup of thrilling events. Participate in our online and in-person competitions to secure your spot in next year's DPFL Championship Event!

Reflecting on the past event, DPFL will be making some minor adjustments based on your feedback. Overall, it was an astounding success, with more players joining than we initially anticipated. Despite the increased numbers, we managed to run all events smoothly and on time – a testament to our collective passion for the sport.

A massive round of applause to USA DARTS for their exceptional stream and commentary during the event. Through their live coverage, fans around the world got a front-row seat to some truly captivating matches. Thank you, USA DARTS, for enriching the experience for all!

Of course, we can't forget to express our gratitude to Dartconnect and Gregg Tong. Their innovative technology and support allowed us to orchestrate a seamless event. Dartconnect truly is an invaluable asset to our darting community.

And let's not forget our wonderful sponsors who made this year's event a reality. A big thank you to Darthub, HorizonDarts, Laserdarts, Shot Darts, Pickled Pig Darts, CDC, Pressure Dart Management, The Dart Craftman, Hatlaunch, Triple20, TW COnstructions, TheDartGuys, Wellness Connection, I dont care bar, D'Angelo Sports, Global Design Solutions, All Solutions, Car Culture, Nova ITS, Glazing Solutions, Norwegian Cruise LIne, Dart Chat, Get-IT Darts, Rigby, Liberal Club Dart League, Dirt is us Detailing, RbiCru7, Youngstown Dart Association, Club Dart Central, Aft, Forsynth & Company INc, Vinyl Disorder, C. Rallo and Logan and all the others for their generous contributions and unwavering support.

Now, it's time to celebrate the winners and runners-up of DPFL's 2nd Live Event. These remarkable individuals showcased remarkable skill and determination:

Championship Qualifier:

1st - Jules van Dongen

2nd - Ruben Herrera

T4 - Ethan DeVeyra

T4- Jeff Smith

Singles Cricket Open:

Winner - Jules van Dongen

Runner up - Jeff Smith

Thursday night Blind Draw Chicago

Winner - Leonard Gates / Robert Wallace

Runner up - Jeff Smith / Johnny Kuczynski

Supercup ONE

Winner - Shane Sakchekapo

Runner up - Ethan DeVeyra

Supercup TWO

Winner - Paula Murphy

Runner up - Brian Mundy

Womens Doubles

Winner - Trish Grzesik / Marlise Kiel

Runner up - Keira Taylor / Melissa Mercer

Mens Doubles

Winner - Jules van Dongen / Damian Mol

Runner up - Mitch Taylor / Brian Mercer

Open Singles 501

Winner - Jim Long

Runner up - Leonard Gates

Blind Draw Cricket Friday night

Winner - Jeff Smith / Jimmie Jones

Runner up - Stephen Krikorian / Tony Frean

Premier Division

Winner - Alex Spellman

Runner up - Damian Mol

Division ONE

Winner - Ethan DeVeyra

Runner up - Cody Willis

Division TWO

Winner - Paula Murphy

Runner up - Tim Urbany

Division THREE

Winner - Bill Begis

Runner up - Meradith McGee

Womens Division

Winner - Paula Murphy

Runner up - Meradith McGee

Doubles Capped 130

Winner - Larry Butler / James Butler

Runner up - MIchael Tski / Michael Crosby

DPFL Championship

Winner - Alex Spellman

Runner up - Stowe Buntz

Challenger Event ONE

Winner - Donnie Lassey

Runner up - Ryan Brogan

Challenger Event TWO

Winner - John Lengyel

Runner up - Todd Bauer

Mixed Doubles

Winner - Devon Petersen / Leanne Van der Walt

Runner up - Jules van Dongen / Tammy Dauber

Blind Draw Sunday night

Winner - Matt Arpin / Aaron Rench

Runner up - Bruce Robbins / Dean Naude

Congratulations to all the winners and runner-up! Your outstanding performances truly set the stage ablaze.

We're already looking forward to what's next on the horizon. Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates on upcoming events and opportunities. Thank you for being a part of the DPFL community, and here's to a future filled with exciting darting action!

Best regards,

Tim Wey

Founder, DPFL

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