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DPFL Europe - Season 1

Introducing DPFL Europe, tailored to European time zones! Matches and events are scheduled around 2 PM EST/8 PM CET. And guess what? If you're a night owl working late shifts, you can now participate in European events! We're all about inclusivity and flexibility. Everyone is welcome, as long as you can align with these time zones. Meanwhile, in North America, most events kick off at 8 PM EST, with league matches buzzing between 6 PM and 10 PM EST.

The highly-anticipated DPFL Europe Season 1 is just around the corner! We invite you to sign up and be part of the largest and most competitive online 501 money league globally. With over $5,500 in cash and prizes up for grabs, Season 1 is set to be a thrilling ride.

Last season on the NA Server, we saw participation from over 700 players, ranging from beginners to professional level players, proving that there is indeed a place for everyone at DPFL. All you need is a camera, discord account, a device to run DartConnect, and you are ready to join the competition.

Classification by division

Here is a detailed breakdown of the divisions based on player averages:

Round Robin & Playoffs

At DPFL, we pride ourselves on our skill-based league, which includes a round-robin stage leading into a single elimination playoff tournament for those who advance. Unlike regular leagues, you have a whole week to complete each match, providing flexibility for our players.

Challenger Series

We also have for everybody who didn't make the Playoffs the chance to get in another single Elimination Bracket
( ONLY for Player who didn't make the Season Playoffs )

  • Challenger Series ONE: 62.50 and above avg.

  • Challenger Series TWO: 62.49 and below avg.


During the Season you'll be also automatically signed up for our Super Cups! A Single Elimination Tournament concurrently ran to the regular Season / League 

DPFL Live Event & Order of Merit

Furthermore you have the opportunity to qualify for the DPFL Champions Event in August 2024 in Kissimmee Florida USA, and gain points in the DPFL Order of Merit, which could lead to qualifying for the DPFL Championship.

Schedule - Season 1

Season 1 will officially begin on March 24th, 2024. Make sure to register before the cutoff on March 17rd, 2024 at 11:59pm CET. Embrace this opportunity to compete, learn, and have fun with DPFL Season 1. In the meantime, you can participate in our other events – make sure to check them out! May the darts be with you!

Further Information

DPFL Online League Season 1 offers a platform for darts enthusiasts to participate and compete. Here are some crucial details about the upcoming season:

Division Placement: Your assigned division for the league is primarily based on your DartConnect Competition Card. However, please note that DPFL Staff reserves the right to make necessary adjustments or changes to your division placement.

Division Choice: If you wish to participate in a division higher than your current average suggests, your average needs to be within 5 points of your chosen division. This is to ensure balanced competition and fair play.

Understanding the Rules: As participants, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the Online Darts Rules and Online Darts Etiquette. These guidelines promote fair play, respect among competitors, and help to maintain the integrity of the competition.

**New for 2024**




Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for a division, all you need is a DartConnect Competition Card. However, if you don't have one, don't worry. DPFL also accommodates soft tip averages or other steel tip applications. If your average can't be verified, DPFL might move you to the closest division to prevent sandbagging (underperforming deliberately).

Previous Season Participation: If you participated in any DPFL Season , your division placement in Season 1 Europe would be determined by your last season's average or the higher average (previous season or competition card)  This rule is in place to prevent sandbagging, protect the players, and encourage the improvement of your game. If you won or if you were in the Top 4 in the last Season you'll be automatically placed a division higher!

Registration: Sign-ups for Season 1 will open soon. The season will officially kick off on  March 24th, 2024. Please note that the cut-off for registrations is March 17th, 2024, at 11:59pm CET . Make sure to register on time to secure your spot in the competition.

Keep these details in mind as you prepare for DPFL Online League Season 1. Enjoy the competition, respect your fellow players, and, most importantly, have fun!


Our highest and strongest Division




Round Robin: Best of 22 Legs

Playoffs: Best of 23 Legs


One match per week


Highly competitive division


62.50 to 69.99


Round Robin: Best of 20 Legs

Playoffs: Best of 21 Legs


One match per week


Division  2 is our largest Division and for the average Dart player!


55.00 to 62.49


Round Robin: Best of 16 Legs

Playoffs: Best of 17 Legs


One match per week


Our Third Division is for everybody between 45.00 and 54.99 Average


45.00 to 54.99


Round Robin: Best of 12 Legs

Playoffs: Best of 13 Legs


One match per week


For everybody who is new to Darts and an Avg. of 44.99 and below!


45 and below


Round Robin: Best of 10 Legs

Playoffs: Best of 11 Legs


One match per week


Super Cup 1

is for everybody above 62.50 and above average!

Its a single Elimination Tournament concurrently ran during the Season!

You usually have between 1-2 weeks to get those Matches in.

Everybody above 70.00 avg will be automatically entered. with your Season 1 Sign up!

Entry Fee will be sponsored from the Sponsor!

Format this Season will be 1001 SIDO
Best of 9

Final Best of 11

Supercup 2

is for everybody from 62.49 and below!

Its a single Elimination Tournament concurrently ran during the Season !

You usually have between 1-2 weeks to get those Matches in.

Its a free Tournament for all players....

You are automatically entered when you sign up for DPFL S1. 

Entry Fee will be sponsored from the Sponsor!

Format this Season will be 1001 SIDO
Best of 7
Finals Best of 9

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