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Online Darts with DPFL Darts

How yo play Online Darts

All Tournament and League communication will go through Discord. As well Video connections.

Its the easiest way to handle over 1000 Players at the same time! 


Online League updates

Stay tuned for the latest updates, open registrations and more !

Upcoming Event and more

Open Tournaments

Join our Tournaments, and play online !!!

Multiple Events.. like Doubles Cup, Scolia Cip, Tournament Series and more


What do i need to play Online Darts?



Sell your not needed Darts supplies !

Get information from our Sponsors about Special Deals and offers !

DPFL Deals, Sponsor Deals, Player Deals and more....

How to play Doubles with Dartconnect and DPFL

How to use discord...

You want to check out our Discord Server?

Click on connect and join our Server !

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