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Results - DPFL Scolia Cup 1 in the books!!

DPFL Scolia Cup Series !!!

First event in the Books!!! 56 participants !!!

Winner and qualified for the Finals Gary Brooks and Nick Harris

You want to participate ??

You can qualify for the Main event and win a Scolia Pro System worth $2000

To sign up and more information :

2 Divisions 65+ and 64.99 below avg

Both Division winners will receive a Scolia Pro System !!

Format: SIDO 501 Bo3 Legs / Bo5 Sets Finals Bo3 Legs / Bo5 Sets ( for below 65 avg ) Finals Bo5 Legs / Bo5 Sets ( for above 65 avg ) LIMITED to 32 players in each Event !!!

( we will have a few spots on standby if someone drops out !) Event Winner free Entry in Championship and $100 cash Top 11 + 5 Event Winner will be qualified for the Final

Here are the dates for the scolia cup: Sunday May 1st 2022 6pm est Sunday May 15th 2022 6pm est Sunday May 29th 2022 6pm est Sunday June 19th 2022 6pm est Sunday June 26th 2022 6pm est

Finals Event: Sunday July 10th 2022 6pm est

Points and Ranking:

1pt for participation

1st - Qualified for Finals 2nd - 16pts Top 4 - 12pts Top 8 - 8pts Top 16 - 4pts Top 32 - 2pts Top 64 - 1pt

All DPFL events are played through Dartconnect and Discord ! You MUST join the DPFL discord server to participate !

After you joined Discord, introduce yourself with your real name...!! if you dont youll get kicked within 24 hours !

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