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DPFL Hubs ???

Good morning, 🌟

As you all know, the DPFL is always working on new ways to enhance the darts experience, making it bigger and better for everyone involved! We're thrilled to introduce an exciting development: DPFL Hubs!

What are DPFL Hubs?

DPFL Hubs are designed to reduce travel costs, travel time, and stress for players. Here's how it works:

  1. Multiple Locations: We're setting up DPFL Hubs across the US and Canada, allowing us to host tournaments simultaneously at various locations during the same weekend.

  2. Uniform Setups: Each DPFL Hub will feature a limited amount of the same professional setups – complete with computers, screens, and internet connectivity. This ensures that every player competes under the same conditions, eliminating any advantages from different setups.

  3. Local to National Brackets: Players will start in local brackets until the top 16 are determined. Then, they’ll switch to a North American bracket, where they’ll compete against players from other hubs using our DPFL setups. Even if opponents are not local, the gameplay experience remains consistent and fair. If your opponent is in the same location you can of course play local!

Benefits of DPFL Hubs

  • Reduced Travel Costs: By hosting tournaments in multiple locations, we significantly cut down on travel expenses for players.

  • Less Travel Time: Players can compete closer to home, reducing the time spent traveling.

  • Increased Payouts: With multiple locations hosting events simultaneously, we can generate more payouts, benefiting more players.

We've leveraged our extensive experience with online events and leagues to establish and test the minimum requirements for these setups. We're confident that this system will provide a seamless and exciting competition experience for all participants.

We're eager to hear your thoughts and feedback on this new initiative.


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