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"Every throw counts. every dart matters !"

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Get ready for the upcoming excitement of Season 10 ( Season X ) of the Dart Players Florida (DPFL)!
Join us for the biggest and most competitive online 501 money league worldwide, with over $30,000 in cash and prizes waiting to be claimed.
Last season, we welcomed over 700 players of all skill levels, showing that there's a place for everyone at DPFL.

All you need is a camera and DartConnect to join the action.
Here are some "How to Videos and information about the necessary Setup" 


Here's a breakdown of the divisions based on player averages:
( more information below, by clicking on the Division Logo )


Premier Division: 75 and above
Division 1: 65-74.99
Division 2: 55-64.99
Division 3: 45-54.99
Division 4: 44.99 and below
Women’s Division: Open Average

Youth Division 1: 15-17 years
Youth Division 2: 14 and under


DPFL Supercups: By participating, you'll also enter the DPFL SuperCups, funded by our partners and running alongside the season!
Here's a breakdown of the Supercups based on player averages:


Hatlaunch Supercup ONE: 70 and above avg.
Triple20 Supercup TWO: 69.99 - 60.00 avg.
Shot Darts Supercup THREE: 59.99 - 50.00 avg.
The Dart Guys Supercup FOUR: 49.99 and below avg.

DPFL Challenger Series: For those who didn't make the playoffs, there's another chance with our Challenger Series:


Challenger Series ONE: 65.00 and above avg.
Challenger Series TWO: 64.99 and below avg.


Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for a division, all you need is a DartConnect Competition Card. However, if you don't have one, don't worry. DPFL also accommodates soft tip averages or other steel tip applications. If your average can't be verified, DPFL might move you to the closest division or will move you one division up to prevent sandbagging (underperforming deliberately).

Previous Season Participation: If you participated in DPFL Season 9, your division placement in Season 10 would be determined by your last season's average or the higher average (previous season or competition card). This rule is in place to prevent sandbagging, protect the players, and encourage the improvement of your game. If you won or if you were in the Top 4 in the last Season you'll be automatically placed a division higher!


At DPFL, we pride ourselves on our skill-based league, featuring round-robin matches leading to single-elimination playoffs. Matches can be played over a week, offering flexibility to our players.

DPFL Membership: Signing up for DPFL Memberships can qualify you Discounts to Events and Store products

Important Dates: Season 10 starts on August 4th, 2024. Register by July 28th, 2024, at 11:59 EST.
Until then, check out our other events to establish your Avg. and get used to DPFL and Discord.
Make sure to register on time to secure your spot in the competition.


Keep these details in mind as you prepare for DPFL Online League Season 10.
Enjoy the competition, respect your fellow players, and, most importantly, have fun!


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