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Only 3 days left to get in DPFL Season 8 !!

***DPFL Season 8 -3 days left to get in !***

*** cutoff June 25th midnight ***

***$30000 in Payouts !!!***

***SIGN UPS ARE OPEN !!!!!!***

***Up to 16 weeks full of action***

***every 50th player will get free entry***

Divisional based, one match per week + Supercup !!

Time to get online guys !!!

"If you throw, you know ! "

Sign up right here:

As always.. spread the word.. like and share.. the orginal post...we will give away again an ipad air gen 1 after regs are closed!!!

must like and share!!! ( we will do the drawing in the first stream of the season )

Also our referral contest is back !!!

Refer the most players and you can choose between a customized Jersey or an ipad air gen 1!!

Here are all information:

Registration right here:

DPFL Season 8 is right around the corner!!! Sign up now to be part of the largest and most competitive online 501 money league in the world.

Season 8 will have over $30,000 in cash and prizes!!!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional level player, we have a spot for you. All you need is a camera and a device to run DartConnect.

We had over 800 players last season from all skill levels !!!

Here is a breakdown of Divisions by average.

Premier Division 75 and up.

Division 1 65-74.99

Division 2 55-64.99

Division 3 45-54.99

Division 4 44.99 and below

Women’s Division Open Average

Youth Division 1 15-17 years

Youth Division 2 age 14 and below

All you need to qualify for a division is a DartConnect Competition Card. Don’t worry if you don’t have one we can work with soft tip averages as well or other steel tip applications it just may mean if we can’t verify your average we may have to move you to the next closest division to prevent sandbagging.

We are a skilled based league that has a Round Robin round that goes into a single elimination playoff tournament for those who advance.

You have one week to complete each week's match not a set night like you have in your normal in person league.

Additional to the League matches you are automatically entered in the DPFL Supercups. Sponsored and funded from our Sponsors... Single Elimination Bracket concurrently ran to the Season.

For the second time this Season we will have also the DPFL Challenger Series for everybody who didnt make the Playoffs!!!

If you sign up for the DPFL Memberships there is also a possibility to qualify for DPFL Champions Event in August 2024 and also gain Points in the DPFL Order of merit which also qualifies you for the DPFL Championship

Season 8 will begin July 2nd, 2023...

Cutoff for registrations will be June 25th 2023 at midnight!

Till then you can play in all our other events !! Check them out !


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