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Playoffs Youth Division 2 !!!!

Youth Division 2 Playoffs !!!

First - THANK You for being part of DPFL Season 6 !!!

We truly appreciate all of you !

Thanks to the parents who supported the youth players !!!

For those who didn't make it, keep doing what you do.. The more you play the better you’ll get! We promise !!! We know it's not easy to get out of your comfort zone ( only playing known players in your local bar ) but… to compete with these talented players in each Division will elevate your game and as well build relationships for sometimes a lifetime! And that with Players from all over the World !!!

To those who made the playoffs, Congratulations!!!!

You made it through your group and will now compete with the best of this Division !!!

The top 4 from each group are now in the knockout rounds.

Top 4 are:

Dylan Geary

Alexis Achgill

Logan Luxton

Scott Leighliter Jr.

Congrats again !!

Final Rankings and seedings are attached !!!

Please let us know any feedback to help us improve future seasons. You can send a private message to TimWey...

We are very happy about every input !!

Please stay tuned to and DPFL Darts on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

Check once in a while for the newest updates and information !!

We hope to see you all back for DPFL season 7

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