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ETHAN ORVIS - DPFL S6 Youth Division 1 Champ !!!!

We got our First Winner of the DPFL Season 6 !!!


Back to Back winner in the Youth Division 1 !!!!

He took the winner of Maddox Williams in the finals last night !!!


Season stats:

6 - matches

5 - wins

1 - loss

3DA - 53.41

1 - T80

80 - HDO

21% - CO

35 Legwins

18 Legs lost

Keep up to good work !!! im pretty sure we will hear a lot from Ethan in the future if he keeps it up !!!

As well from Maddox Williams who is fighting also in the DPFL King of the Hill against some tough opponents!!!

Here are the Top Performer in the YD1 Playoffs

And here the final stats from the regular Season:

Good luck to both of you !!!!

**Team DPFL**

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