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DPFL Playoffs !!!!!

DPFL Online League Season 6 is entering the Playoffs !!!

As yall know DPFL Playoffs are some of the toughest Playoffs you can compete in !!!

Youth Division 1 Final on Friday ! ( Flyer will be posted )

Womens Division

The Top 24 Players made their way to the Playoffs....

Here their names:

Tynan, Liz

Kennedy, Karrah

Scott, Karen

Carter, Wenda

Foster, Danna

Gaslard, Joanne

Smith, Stef

Scantlen, Cassy

Van Tassel, Roxanne

Brandon, Clayanna

Bencic, Tanja

Beard, Kaylee

Taylor, Keira

Randell, Tina

Lane, Ashley

Patrocky Quayle, Jackie

Daigneault, Nicole

Cummings, Pat

Morton, Caeleigh

Hartsfield, Dacey

Davis, Corrine

Gmeiner, Sheila

Russo, Tina

Lupo, Darren

To those who made the playoffs, Congratulations!!!!

You made it through your group and will now compete with the best of this Division !!!

Also a big thank you to all players who didnt make the playoffs !! We really appreciate all of you and hope to see all of you in Season 7 again !!!

For those who didn't make it, keep doing what you do.. The more you play the better you’ll get! We promise !!! We know it's not easy to get out of your comfort zone ( only playing known players in your local bar ) but… to compete with these talented players in each Division will elevate your game and as well build relationships for sometimes a lifetime! And that with Players from all over the World !!!

Here are some stats from the Women's and Youth Division 1



You'll finds more stats on under the season 6 section !

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