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Sudesh Kerry Fitzgerald

I'm sure many of you have already heard to about the life changing accident that Sudesh was involved in this past weekend. Sudesh (Kerry) Fitzgerald who is the current National Men's Dart Champion in Guyana and is a former South American and Caribbean Champion. He also represented Guyana at the PDC World championship in 2009.

Early reports said that Sudesh was on life support and we didn't know much more than that. Latest updates have him in a coma with broken bones, internal injuries and head trauma. He is in a public hospital in Guyana and they do not have the necessary equipment and medications. There is a Go Fund Me page that his friend Floyd Jaundoo has set up the help raise enough money to move Sudesh to a private hospital with better treatment.

We ask that you keep Sudesh and his wife Shakuntalla and 3 children in your thoughts and prayers.

Below is a link to the Go Fund Me page for Sudesh and his family:


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