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STOWE BUNTZ - NEW DPFL Premier Division Champion

NEW DPFL Season 7

Premier Division Champion


In a thrilling and nerve-wracking darts encounter, Stowe Buntz emerged as the ultimate victor, claiming the championship title in a hard-fought battle. Both Stowe Buntz and their opponent Benjmain Pratnemer, whose nerves were palpable at the outset, showcased their skills and determination from the very first dart thrown.

As the match commenced, the pressure seemed to get to both players, evident in their occasional errant throws and uncharacteristic misses. The viewer could sense the tension in the air as the players struggled to find their rhythm early on. However, their nerves gradually subsided as the match progressed, giving way to a display of exceptional talent and resilience.

Stowe Buntz, known for their remarkable consistency, eventually settled into their groove and showcased their prowess on the dartboard. With precision and accuracy, Stowe steadily gained momentum, steadily building a lead over their opponent. Their average score of 87.62 exemplified their ability to hit high-scoring segments consistently, further cementing their reputation as a formidable darts player. AN incredible 142 Checkout as seen already from him in the semis in th 18th leg just proved those points.

Yet, it would be remiss to discount the valiant efforts of their opponent. Despite battling their own nerves, they demonstrated commendable resilience and skill throughout the match.

In the end, it was Stowe Buntz who managed to maintain their exceptional form and emerged victorious with a score of 13-9. Their ability to overcome their early nerves and deliver an impressive performance showcased their mental fortitude and experience.

Despite the outcome, both players deserve praise for their determination and skill in a closely contested match. The nerves that plagued them at the start were ultimately conquered, giving way to a display of the highest caliber of darts.

Former Premier Division Winners:

DPFL Season 1 Champ - Michael Esquibel

DPFL Season 2 Champ - Noel Malicdem

DPFL Season 3 Champ - Jim Long

DPFL Season 4 Champ - Jacob Taylor

DPFL Season 5 Champ - Alex Spellman

DPFL Season 6 Champ - Danny Baggish

Here is the match to rewatch:

Full match report:

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