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Hurricanes can't stop us

It's been 2 weeks since Fiona ripped it's way though Canada's East coast. However that didn't stop us from making our way to the Phoenix Open in Shediac NB.

Flew into Halifax Thursday and was greeted by our gracious host, Todd Sisco. Drove to New Brunswick Friday morning with Fiona nipping at our heels. Quick stop at Peggy's Cove and the SwissAir Memorial.

Friday night doubles with my partner & girlfriend Crystal went pretty well. We managed to make it out of our section only to run into Rod Snow & Lisa Coady. That would seem to be the theme for the weekend as I ran into rod and Lisa a few more time's in doubles and single. We didn't fair to well but played awesome.

Worst of the storm hit us Friday night and knocked power out, uprooted tree's and tore down fences. Luckily enough the venue had back up generator's. It also doubled as an emergency shelter for the community.

All in all the tournament was a fantastic success. A huge shout out to Steve Foster and his crew for running this tournament under those challenging conditions. Think Steve was even cooking in the kitchen 😂.

Finished off the weekend back in Nova Scotia at The Lakeside Legion for their Monday night doubles league. What a fantastic group of people and players. Thank you all for welcoming me with open arms.

Hurricane Ian also ripped it's way though Florida and the eastern part of the USA. Leaving 2.5 million people without power and devastating flooding. DPFL if you didn't know, was started in Florida and has a large player pool in that area. Happy to say that most of them came out with minor damage. Fort Myers, Venice and Naples on the other hand where devastated.

It's amazing to see how this dart community has come together to help people in need. With that being said DPFL is running an I-Pad deal. They will be donating $10 to the Red Cross. Use coupon "IAN" for all I-Pad Air Gen 1's

on our DPFL homepage:

Thanks again for all your support from TEAM DPFL

See you on the Oche

PS: Update for Sudesh Persaud. He is out of hospital and back home recovering with his family


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