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DPFL Women's Division Playoffs

DPFL Season 7

Womens Division

Bracket will go live tonight..

As always we will post everything in your discord channel !!

Here are the Final Rankings !!!

Here are our Top 32 Women !!!

West, Cali

Taylor, Keira

Smith, Stef

Scantlen, Cassy

Carter, Wenda

Bencic, Tanja

Richey, Ashley

Criss, Kalika

Tynan, Liz

VanTassel, Roxanne

Randell, Tina

Brandon, Clayanna

Loft, Marilyn

Morton, Caeleigh

Cherry, Hailey

Kalin, Mercedes

Walsh, Joanne

Ramcharan, Karen

Randell 2, Tina

McGee, Meradith

Ellis, Cindy

Anderson, Letitia

Beard, Kaylee

Murphy, Carisa

Murray, Kayla

Miller, Victoria

Gmeiner, Sheila

Lupo, Darren

Bellows, Samantha

Waters, Tiffany

Sickler, Karah

Watson, Megan

as well attached are the seedings, final ranks and playoff match ups

We appreciate all of you and hope to see you soon in season 8, in the challenger series or even at our 75000 Dollar live event !!!

Let the Games begin !!!!

Playoffs BABY !!! Bring it on !!!!

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