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DPFL S6 & Live Event

Good moring everyone!!!

Hope those of you playing are having a great time. We are moving into week 3 and everything seem to be going smooth.

We had our 1st stream of the season on Friday with Joanne Gaslard and Tina Russo. Joanne came out with the win and a few choice words for Double 1 🤣.

This upcoming week we will try and get a stream in for you all to enjoy. This is a busy week with our 1st ever Live Event in Florida. I will be leaving on Tuesday morning and driving down over 2 day. Once set up we will have a jam packed weekend of fun darts. I cant wait to see everyone. Looking forward to putting faces to the names.

Thank you everyone for the continued support of what we do 🎯❤. If not for YOU there would be no us!

See you all soon on the oche


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