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So why not Season 6

So I am where I am because I took a chance and decided to try some online darts. I found this little group known as DPFL. They have now become the world's largest online league and have grown to over 670 active players, over 5000 followers on Facebook and over 1000 active players on their Discord server!

I'm sure most of you know that by now. What you don't know is how i got here.

Like everyone else, I started playing not knowing a thing about discord and just scraping by with dart connect. I would message Tim and Chris constantly looking for help setting everything up, they were there to help me every step of the way. They are here truly for the love of the game.

This league pushes you to get better and gives you the opportunity to move up in divisions to even further your game!, I started in Div 3 and played that for 2 seasons. I have now since moved to Div 2, have become an Admin for Team DPFL, and also have this blog for all you people to read. I again, have met so many wonderful people though DPFL and made friends from all across North America and even parts of Europe. I don't do all this for the millions that I make. I do it for the love of the game, for all you awesome people that I've talked with and finally got to meet in person. We've made a community of online darts. Family, that we never would have had if not for online darts.

Don't say to yourself WOW $49 is a lot to play DPFL. There is nowhere in the world that is doing what we are doing. Everything is set up for you, we have 5 Admins ready to help (currently on the lQQkout for more ). This is a fantastic dart league and you will not be disappointed in.

Hurry to get in for the season 6 deadline on July 24, 2022!

Also don't forget our 1st ever LIVE tournament Aug 19th-21st in Kissimmee, Florida

Click the link below for info

For further information and sign ups click below!

Thank you all again and see you on the oche 🎯

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