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Pittsburgh Steel City

Another fantastic tournament is in the books. We had a rough start to the weekend with a Canada wide Rogers communication blackout. It was a 5 1/2 hour drive with Canada’s own Trish Grzesik. We stayed at the Hilton Double Tree in North Strabane Township where I roomed with my good buddy Larry Winger Jr and his girlfriend Kasey.

Friday night started with a LOD 501/cricket draw. This is where I learned how to play American cricket. I’m not a big point player but learned very quick that you need to do this to win. Thanks Leslie!

Saturday morning mixed trips with Larry and Kasey was up and down and we lost our 1st match. Doubles was the same. Lost in the 3rd round to Jacob Schaeffer and Bob Bockrath. We just couldn’t get things going. Sundays singles was a bit of the same losing in the 3rd round to Johnny K. (Cricket). Sunday doubles with Larry was again up and down, again we made it to the 3rd round and lost against Johnny K and Anthony. I must say this weekend although we lost, I think I threw my best darts to date.

All in all, although the venue was small it was fantastically run and a pleasure to play. Would definitely go back again. Next year promises to bigger and better.

Don’t forget we have a week and a half left for sign up for season 6 and just over a month for our 1st in person tournament August 19-21st.

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Larry Winger Jr.
Larry Winger Jr.
Jul 15, 2022

Another great article Alan. Thanks for all the kind words. It definitely was a good time and looking forward to the future. Safe travels and shoot well my friend.

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