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I'm sure by now you've heard the name BRIANMERCER (Teddy Bear)

If not you will!!!! He's made a name for himself with Online darts.

Brian hails from Upper Cove NFLD on the east coast of Canada AKA ( DA ROCK )🪨

Now at 41 years of age, he started playing darts at the young age of 14. He got to play with and learn from his father and grandfather, uncles and friends.

He looked up to professional players like Eric Bristow. he just loved how Eric would handle himself on stage and how he dealt with his dartitis.

Asked who he could talk with to help out his game he told me Michael Smith. He would love to pick his brain just to see how he keeps so calm under the pressures of the big stage. Not to mention a few good conversation with Alex Spellman and Danny Baggish.

His biggest accomplishment to date is finishing 4th in his 1st official tryout for Team Newfoundland, also getting bumped to premier Div in DPFL.

Since getting hooked to Online darts and playing many streams, Brian has received a few sponsorship offers from DPFL, 9 Dart Out, PDMC and Restwell NFLD.

He has his own custom darts made by Peter Pereira. These 22gram darts have smoke black Cosmo flights with carbon #2 black shafts.

Brian's goal for the future is obtain his CDC tour card and travel outside of Newfoundland.

I think we should start with small goals. Like a Passport 😂

Here is a link to one of Brian's online match's.

If you like his jersey and would like to check it out here is the link to our homepage


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