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DPFL Championship Qualifer at the ADA Nationals !!

Attention! Attention! Read all about it! DPFL will be partnering up with the ADA at our 31st National Championship on the Steel Tip Side! We are very excited to be work with the ADA Team ! In additional to our DPFL Setup, we are also happy to announce that we will be running our Last DPFL Qualifier at the ADA National Championship, and everyone is eligible to participate! Provided they are finished with the National Championship Singles event on Friday. Check out the full ADA National Championship schedule: DPFL Qualifier winner will be eligible for the 2nd Live Event CHampionship Event in Kissimmee FL, August 17th – 20th. Additional information on their event: Of course you are more than welcome to particiapte in all our other Events at the DPFL Live event !!

Want to attend ADA Nationals in July? There is still time! Check out the eligibility requirements here on our index page for the event: Looking forward to seeing everyone in July in Dallas!

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