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DPFL 1st Live Tournament

Aug 19th-21st!!! Those are some dates that I will never forget. Not only was it Michelle's bday weekend but it was also the DPFL live event in Florida. I might be a little bias but, this setup was unreal. Conception to realization all I can say is WOW.

Walking into this empty grand ballroom and setting up the board's , lights and watching everyone's face ask they came though the door. Goosebumps.

The event in my opinion was a success, even though the room wasn't filled to capacity we had a great turnout. We had 5 PDC player's in the tournament; Devon, Matt, Danny B, Danny J, JVD, plus a number of top North American players like Spellman, Butler, Madhoo, PJ, Seth, Capt America.

The first event is always the hardest but, outside of a few tech issue's the event was flawless. I believe next year will be totally different. Now that we've seen the venue, rooms and amenities available and as the word spreads it will be one of the must go to events of the year. I think we took a lot away from this, good and bad. The biggest being that people thought you had to be part of DPFL. However, this event was open to all players and skill levels. The only thing required was an established Dart Connect avg.

The room's are expensive as a one bedroom, but get a 3 bedroom villa and fill them up with 3 couples and its definitely a lot more affordable than any hotel stay. 3 bathrooms with showers, full kitchen and dining, patio that overlooks the golf courses. We are not back more than 2 days and I have my 3 rooms filled for next year. Payout's are unlike any other. Divisional based on your avg, plus if you want to play with the big boys there is some Open and LOD events. We strive to make everyone feel like a PDC player (Professional Divisional Champion) LOL.

It was awesome to see the vision's of Tim & Chris come to fruition. Team DPFL did an amazing job. It was nice for all of us to get together again.

To all the players I finally got to put a face to the name. It was an honor to meet and chat with all of you.

Until next time. See you on the oche!!!!


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