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A few words from DPFL !!!

Well.... DPFL Season 6 came yesterday to an end !!

With Danny Baggish winning the Premier Division we have our 6th different Winner.. This just shows how competitive this League is. And how hard it is to win this League !

First and foremost we would like to say thank you to all our supporter und player who make this so much fun !!!

We had incredible matches and competitions this season.. Players who didnt make the Playoffs due to one leg.. and players who made the playoffs due to one leg advantage, incredible comebacks.. surprise winners... newcomer and a lot of more action !!!!

This season proves again what we can offer with a competitive and structured online league... we brought up again players we didnt know before this season and now everybody knows them in North America... DPFL is growing all over the world.. we had this Season participants from over 29 Countries...

It doesn't matter at what Live event you went players knew each other and built friendships and a great community... and that worldwide..

2022 had a lot of ups and downs behind the scenes of DPFL.. Changes were made and had to be made to be even more successful in 2023 ! The growth we experience is unreal.. and faster than we ever could have imagined! Dont forget we are only two and half years around!! We had to learn simple things quicker than we wanted and had to adjust to some circumstances.. It doesnt matter if its other Organizations bad mouthing us, internal restructuring or adjustments when it comes to events!

Our goal is to grow the sport of Darts and to work together with everybody to grow together even more!

We hope to have your support as well next year and we promise to offer you to give our best back to all of you !!!

Another thank you to all of our Sponsors Dart Brokers L-style Vinyl Disorder Pressure Dart Management Company Galaxy Barrel Designs, LLC Galaxy Apparel Designs Punk Points Shot Darts DartConnect Florida Commercial Care Inc. some will continue working with us next and year some decided not to... Which is totally fine... There are no bad words, break ups or anything...

For 2023 we have a lot of things lined up.. New Sponsors, News Events, $75000 Live Event, and much more !!

As yall know we always look outside the box and continue to grow... and bring even more exciting stuff to the dartsworld especially in North America !!!!

I also appreciate the whole DPFL Gang it just wouldn’t be possible without all of you… thank you Brian Herbert, Alan Palmer, Harry Carter, Bob Rafferty, Steve McDowell, Carl Powers…

Also to the people who are not with DPFL anymore… Scott Hanisch, Chris Clark.

As well to our helper, supporter and friends, Esmerelda Red, Lisa Eimer, Valerie Ushanova… i Hope i didnt forget anyone. Lol…

With that being said... i hope to see all of you in Season 7 and all our other Events and also at our LIVE Event !!!


Good Darts

Tim Wey

DPFL Darts

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