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DPFL Championship Event

$17600 in Payouts - only 64 Player !
@ DPFL 2nd Live Event August 17th -20th 2023

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How to qualify??

To achieve Seeds 1 - 8:
You need to gather ranking points from all our live and online events, which will be totaled to determine your qualification and seeding.
If a player in the top 8 of the DPFL Order of Merit (OoM) has won another qualifying event, we'll add an extra spot.
For instance, if "Player One" won the "King of the Hill" in August 2022 and is in the top 8 of the OoM, the 9th spot in t
he ranking would be allocated to the King of the Hill seeded spot.
The DPFL OoM can be found here:


Seeds 9 - 20:
These spots will be assigned to winners of your Division in Season 7, Supercup, or the Challenger series.


Seeds 21 - 24:
You need to win one of our live qualifiers at other events to secure these spots.


Seeds 25 - 28:
The top 4 in the DPFL Players Championship will be awarded these spots.


Seeds 29 - 30:
These will be given to the Overseas Qualifier DPGA.


Seeds 31 - 32:
Win one of the DPFL online qualifiers to secure these spots.


Seeds 33 - 34:
These are reserved for the winning team of the DPFL Doubles Cup 2.


Seeds 35 - 36:
These will be DPFL Wildcards (details will be released soon).


Seeds 37 - 38:
Secured by the runner-up in the DPFL Online Qualifier.


Seeds 39 - 42:
These will be qualified through winning one of the events during the DPFL 2nd Live Event.


Seeds 43 - 46:
These go to the top 4 in the DPFL Live Qualifier at the 2nd DPFL Live event (held on Thursday afternoon).


Seeds 47 - 48:
These spots are for the winning team of the DPFL Mixed Doubles event.


Seeds 49 - 60:
These are for the DPFL King of the Hill Winner (a monthly event).


Seeds 61 - 64:
These are awarded to the top 4 ranked players in the DPFL Blind Draw Masters.


In all cases, you'll be given the highest-ranked spot/seed. For example, if you qualify through the King of the Hill (which would be a seeded spot between 49-60) and you are number one in the DPFL OoM, you'll get the number 1 seed since it's the higher-ranked seed. Moreover, the next ranked player (for example, player number 9) will get your King of the Hill seeded spot.

To be eligible for the OoM qualification, you must be a DPFL member. You can get your membership here:

Please note that these requirements apply only to the Champions Event. All other events are open to everyone, though average-based events require a Dartconnect established average.


Best Regards, TEAM DPFL

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