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Thats it !!! DPFL S5 came to an End !!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

DPFL Season 5 came to an end last night !!

All I can say is THANK YOU !!!

To all the Players, Supporter and Fans…

We grew in Season again and made a jump to almost 700 Players from all over the world!!!

Which we never could have imagined…

While Season 5 just finished, DPFL Season 6 is not far away and already open for sign ups!

Here is the link to sign up:

DPFL S5 was a long road started on February 1st and finished last night June 6th 2022..

Behind the Scenes was a lot going on so we had to grow our Team and gained with Scott Hanisch, Alan Palmer and Brian Herbert 3 really helpful, supportive and smart people who helped us manage this amount of players… Big Thank you to all of you as well!!

I know sometimes it's tough and we have to make decisions we might don't like from a personal point of view but from a DPFL point we have to treat all our Players the same! No matter what ! I also know its not easy to bring personal Life and Darts under one Hat ( like we used to say in Germany ) but I think we did well.. We had arguments, decisions and talks all over the season to make DPFL even more successful! And in my opinion we did!!!

We are also in the plannings for our first Huge $40000 live event in Kissimmee Orlando ( sign ups right here: ) which is another adventure we have to conquer and will provide the best experience North American Darts have ever seen !!

Our goal is still and will always be to make every Player better and give him the best competition he can get to get their Game to the next level! Onlinedarts is here to stay and will!

In a country like the US its not easy to travel due to costs, distances and other circumstances so Online darts is a solution we built to help you guys out!!

Now we just need to find a way to combine those two elements to make it even more successful as it is already overseas !! And we are on a good way!.It doesn't matter who it is starting from the Kaos and Crash stream, BDG Bearded Dart guy, NL Streams, ADO, ADA, CDC or The Siege streams…. And all the others I forgot !!!

We all have one Goal to make Darts in the US bigger than ever!!! And we are on a good way!!

All we have to learn is to work together as a unit and not against each other, combine our strengths and let's rock it !!!

Thank you again to all of you !!!

If you need help with translating everything send a message to Chris Clark… he learned to translate my kauderwelsch ( how we say in germany ) ! With Chris Clark, Brian Herbert, Alan Palmer, Scott Hanisch i gained not only Helper and Partner as well good friends and with Chris Clark a brother and best friend.. I know i'm not easy sometimes but all I want is to make that thing work!!!

We also did some changes this year with building our Homepage as well when it comes to discord overall they were very successful ! and we are looking forward in making online darts easier for you !

If we learned something this Season, with all the individuals we have in our league we can't make everyone happy but we treat everybody the same…and we stick to our rules… no matter what !! We really try to make everyone happy but its just not possible… With all the messages we got and stuff behind the scenes I don't know if you guys can imagine how much work all of that is!! Its s**t load that's all i can say! Thanks to everyone who understands it and helped us by following our rules!! I also know there were some issues with the Players card you ordered at the beginning of the Season, trust i'm truly sorry and its a lesson learned situation. All issues are fixed and everything will go out in the next few days!!! We hope to see all of you in Season 6 and can count on you in the next events!!

Anyways…. Back to DPFL Season 5

Here are all Results:

Women's Division

Winner: Paula Murphy

Runner up: Cassy Scantlen

3rd Place: Dana Foster

4th Place: Karrah Kennedy

Runner up

Round Robin:


Division 3

Winner: Matt Collier

Runner up: Corey Hostetler

3rd Place: Chris Thiele

4th Place: Jesse Allen

Round Robin:


Division 2

Winner: Tucker Davey

Runner up: Andy Kinder

Shared 3rd: Brian Regaspi and David Jurkin

Round Robin


Division 1

Winner: Scott Winder

Runner up: Ed Garcia

3rd: Brian Fenlon

4th: Allan Nutter

Round Robin


Premier Division:

Winner: Alex Spellman

Runner up: Keifer Durham

3rd Place: Jacob Taylor

4th Place: Ross Snook

Round Robin:


Dartbrokers Supercup 1

Winner: Jacob Taylor

Runner up: Michael Esquibel

Dartbroker Supercup 2

Winner: Kiel Barrett

Runner up: Randy Malasaga

ATP - Across the Pond Cup:

Winner: Pero Ljubic ( Austria )

Runner up: Hashim Shuaimi ( Malaysia )

Youth Division 1

Winner: Ethan Orvis

Runner up: Jackson Kennedy

Round Robin:


Youth Division 2

Winner: Alexis Achgill

Runner up: Jonathin Swank

Round Robin


Overall Overview DPFL Season 5

All stats Season 5

And last but not least a big Thank you to our Sponsors, Galaxy Barrels, Galaxy Apparel, Shot Darts, Scolia Darts, Eddie Chow, Florida Commercial Care, DZ-Dartshop, L-Style it wouldn't be possible without you!!!

We are always open to new sponsors, investors and supporters just reach out to us and see if we can help each other to grow the game !!

We also cant forget Dartconnect who is willing to work with us and make this league possible.. Even tho we crash the database or detect 2 year old issues.. But we figured it out and made the app, Dartconnect and the League more enjoyable for everybody !

We hope to continue with yall and see if we can continue growing the game and DPFLDarts!!

Thank you


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