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🎯 St. Louis Midwest Summer Classic: A Blast of Darting Fun! 🌟

Last Saturday, the Midwest Summer Classic last weekend delivered an unforgettable day of darting excitement! 🎉 I had an absolute blast participating in this local classic tournament held in the vibrant city of St. Louis. And let me tell you, folks, Dave Madison did a fantastic job running the event! Hats off to you, Dave! 👏

Yes, you heard it right! Even Brian Herbert managed to pry himself away from the comforts of his house! I beat you all to the joke, Joe Reape and Mike Bundock! Take that! 😄 It's not just about hitting the bullseye; we dart players know how to crack a joke or two!

I couldn't resist diving into the action, so I signed up for not one, not two, but three thrilling events. First up, Mixed Trips with Jasmyn George and Cody Sparks. Together, we formed a formidable team that fought our way to the top 32. We showed them what we're made of! 🏆💪

In the singles 501 event, I embarked on a decent run and landed in the top 16. However, my darting journey took an unexpected turn when I faced off against the formidable local player, Dennis Blair. He had skills that knocked me out!

💨 But hey, it's all part of the game, and I relished the challenge!

And guess what? Cody Sparks and I joined forces once again for the cricket event, and lightning struck twice as we made it to the top 32! And who did we meet on the oche again? You guessed it, my worthy adversary Dennis Blair! It was an intense battle, with each dart thrown, a thrilling back-and-forth exchange. Thank you, Cody, for being an awesome partner throughout the weekend. We definitely need to play again soon! 🤝🎯

It was also a pleasure to see the talented Danny Jansen lighting up the stage with his remarkable skills. He truly had a fantastic weekend of darts! And let's not forget to congratulate him on the upcoming arrival of his little darting champion! 🎉👶

During the event, I also had the pleasure of running into the local legend himself, Brad Wethington. Great to see you, Brad! Your darting prowess continues to inspire us all! 🤘

Overall, it was an incredible day filled with darting battles, laughter, and camaraderie. 🎯😄

But hey, the darting fun doesn't end there! Don't forget to book your villa for the upcoming DPFL Live Event happening from August 17th to 20th. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this epic darting extravaganza! Use the group code 0823DPFLDarts by July 17th to save some cash on you villa!

And here's a little bonus tip: Use the code DPFLLIVE to save 10% on your registration fees. Act fast because the code is only valid until July 31st! This is an event open to all dart enthusiasts, so come join the fun! 🎉🎯

Stay tuned for more thrilling darting adventures, and remember to keep those darts flying straight and true! See you on the oche! ✨

Your Friend Brian Herbert PS check out those results! I'm not mad about it!

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