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🎯🤠 DPFL Darts: Deep in the Heart of Dallas, Texas! 🌵🏆

👋 Good Morning, DPFL Darters! Welcome back to the Bobblehead Blog! 🎉 Another week, another whirlwind of excitement in the world of DPFL! 🌪️ If you've been wondering where the bossman Tim Wey and our dart oche extrodinar Carl Powers disappeared to, wonder no more! They took their dart expertise down to Dallas for the American Darts Association National Championships! 🎯⭐ They set up the DPFL board builds for American Darts Association National Championships. Oh and they do look great! 🤩

And guess what? The fun doesn't stop there! On Friday night (tomorrow 7/28) DPFL is hosting the DPFL Championship Qualifier in Dallas too! 🤘🏆 The registration closes at 6:30 pm central and the tournament kicks off at 7:30 pm central. Better hurry and find Tim Wey to get yourself signed up for a shot at glory! 🏅

But wait, there's more! Don't miss the iPad sale going on right now! 📱⚡ It's like Christmas in July! These iPads are perfect for your Dart Connect adventures! Get yours before the sale ends this Sunday night 7/30 at 11:59 pm EST! Check out these incredible prices:

🍏 Apple iPad Gen 2 - $39 + shipping (includes USB cable)

🍏 Apple iPad Gen 3 - $49

🍏 Apple iPad Gen 4 - $59

🍏 Apple iPad Gen 5 - $149

🍏 Apple iPad Air Gen 1 - $79

🍏 Apple iPad Air Gen 2 - $129

But wait, wait, wait! There's one more thing! (I promise it's the last one!) 🤭 If you want to be part of the legendary DPFL's second live event, now is your chance to save some 💰💰! Preregister by Monday, July 31st, before 11:59 pm EST, and use code DPFLLIVE to get a sweet 10% off! 🎟️🎫 Grab this opportunity and secure your spot in darting history!

That's all for now, folks! Keep flinging those darts, and we'll see you on the oche! 🎯 Stay tuned for more DPFL awesomeness! Oh and if you need a dart out chart! Make sure to check out the below! 🤩😎 Your Friend Brian Herbert

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