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🎯 DPFL Darts Takes the Lake by Storm: A Recap of the 33rd Annual Missouri Governor's Cup!

Greetings, fellow dart enthusiasts! 🎉 Hold onto your darts because we're about to dive headfirst into the electrifying tale of the 33rd Annual Missouri Governor's Cup Steel Tip Dart Tournament, held at the stunning Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. From August 4th to the 6th, the darting community came together for a weekend of fierce competition, unforgettable moments, and of course, the undeniable camaraderie that makes darts such an extraordinary sport! 🏆🎯

But first, let's meet the fearless team who donned the DPFL banner with pride and finesse. The men's lineup was a solid team featuring Monty Cooper as captain, alongside James Ammerman, Brett Davis, Jeff Hall, Josh Higginbotham, Bobby Koehler, Scoot Schulze, and yours truly. As for the ladies, the DPFL force was led by Becky Cooper, Carla Cooper, Donna Havey, and Michele Wiscombe. Can you say powerhouse, anyone? A huge shoutout to Paul Reynolds, our source of motivation! Paul, rest assured, you'll be right by our side next year, cheering us on with the same enthusiasm!

Picture this: 23 teams locked in a darting showdown of epic proportions. And where did our team stand? We clinched a remarkable 9th spot out of the 23, a true testament to our inaugural presence in the tournament! 🥳

Now, let's shine the spotlight on some of performances that made this tournament a weekend for the history books:

🎯 Our Ladies 4-Person team stormed into the semifinals, showcasing their talent and tenacity. Hats off, ladies, you rocked that oche!

🎯 The Men's 4-Man ensemble (Monty, Brett, Bobby, and Jeff) captured a coveted top 16 position, wowing us with their synergy and skill. Bravo, gentlemen!

🎯 Both Women's Doubles teams (Becky and Michele, Carla and Donna) displayed incredible teamwork and clinched top 16 finishes. Way to go, ladies!

🎯 Yours truly teamed up with Josh Higginbotham for Men's Doubles, securing a spot in the top 16. Josh, you're a blast to play alongside!

🎯 In Women's Singles, Carla showcased her darting prowess with a top 16 finish. Bravo, Carla!

🎯 A standing ovation to Becky, who hit her first-ever 180 in her singles match!

🎯 Monty's journey in Men's Singles took him on an inspiring run. He faced Jules in a riveting match that ended in a last-leg decider. Monty, you're a true sport!

A massive shoutout to our generous sponsors, whose unwavering support made this remarkable weekend possible. Show some love to these local Missouri businesses and follow them on Facebook:

🥩 C. Rallos Meat Market: 💚 The Wellness Connection: 🎯 DartHub: 🌀 Scott's Air Duct Cleaning LLC: 🧼 Blu's Carpet Cleaning and Auto Detailing: 🔥 Green Land Fire Protection LLC: 💼 Aft, Forsyth And Company, Inc

And let's not forget the incredible camaraderie! The weekend was graced by the presence of both past and present DPFL members, including Jamey Bourassa, Matt Law, Joe Reape, Dan Hardin, Marc Molnar, and the legendary Jules van Dongen! The darting community truly is a tight-knit family.

But the surprises didn't stop there! Yours truly had a nostalgia trip, bumping into none other than my first blind draw partner from way back in 2017, Joey "Donuts" Giammarino! Joey, catching up was an absolute pleasure!

A special shoutout to Karl Remick, the President of the American Darts Association, whose presence added a dash of prestige to the event. Karl, your friendship is cherished!

In conclusion, the 33rd Annual Missouri Governor's Cup Dart Tournament was an exhilarating rollercoaster of darts, laughter, and unforgettable memories. The DPFL team poured their hearts into every throw, making us incredibly proud. Until we meet again on the oche, keep chasing those bullseyes and spreading the joy of darts! 🎯🥳

Oh, and wait for it... Neighbor Dave made a celebrity appearance that left us all grinning from ear to ear! 🤣🎉

Your Friend Brian Herbert

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Aug 11, 2023

Way to go guys!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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