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Sarah Milkowska !!!! Do you know her??

Let me introduce you - or wait.. don't we all know her?

Ms. sarahmilkowska !! - Check her out on Facebook or Instagram

you dont want to miss her posts. experiences, events and success out !!!

Check out her new DartArt2023 Calendar !!!

Y'all are missing one or two of them in your men cave !!!

Preorder your Calendar right here:

Sarah Milkowski Dartart2023 Calendar

DartArt 2023 Calendar - Sarah Milkowski Special Edition. Standard or as a signed edition (limited)! Sarah stands for femininity, strength and this beautiful calendar showcases exactly these characteristics.

​​​​​​​Discover a new expressive photo with Sarah every month!

High Quality Calendar in a DIN A3 Format

Photography by ISSSSA-DESIGNS

​​​​​​​Photography Model: Sarah Milkowski

She also runs and is always on the road to promote darts in Europe!!

Support her !!!!

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1 Comment

Dec 27, 2023

When are they shipping these calendars out?

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