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DPFL Season 7 sign ups are open NOW !!!


Here it is !!

While the last few matches in Season 6 are still going on, we are opening up now our sign ups for Season 7 !!!!

We have a lot of new stuff going on !!!

For example our DPFL Challenger Series, CDC Supercup ( to win a CDC Tourcard ) we are back with Division 4 as well, more supercups ( Split up in different avg’s ) and more….. !!!!

We also released our DPFL OoM.. which can qualify you for our $17600 Champions Event at our $75000 Live event in August 2023 !!!

You'll find it right here:

A lot of stuff is going on !! For questions, reach out to us ! You’ll also find all the information on !!!

We currently have two special prizes to give away !!!!

1. Like and Share this post !!

2. Promote as many people as possible !! ( Sign ups have to use you as a referral in the sign ups ! )

Both winners will win a ipad air gen 1 and a ipad gen 2 !!! so basically a full setup to play online darts !!!!

We will announce the winners with the first stream of the new season !!!

Season start will be Monday the 16th of January 2023

Sign up right here:

We are currently working on another big sponsorship from overseas.. Which will give a lot of benefits, GC, ultra fast shipping and more!!! Stay tuned !!!

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