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DPFL Scolia Cup Finals !!!

Good morning!!!!

Scolia Cup Finals is still on for Sunday the 10th... 6pm est !!!

IF you CANT make it please let me know by Sunday 4pm est!!!! So we can move the next person in the ranking in!!!

Everybody who didnt win a Qualifier event have to sign up on

To the 10 Player who won an Event just confirm you are able to play !!!

Let me know ASAP

Above 65avg

Gary Brooks - CONFIRMED

Tyler Nelson

Norman Madhoo

Patrick Kithi - OUT

Leonard Gates

Grant Smith - SIGNED UP

Douglas Wade

Kurt Hartmann

Ray Morgan

Corey Beck

Harrison Carter

Travis Turner

Jacob Brooks

Cody Murphy

Jacob Koch - SIGNED UP

Cary Wark

Next in the ranking:

17 Josh Daynes

18 Andrews, Christian

19 Hill, Jeff

20 Trumbo, Jason

21 Esquibel, Michael

22 Gary Kidd

23 David Gott

24 Davey, Tucker

Below 65

Nicholas Harris - CONFIRMED

Chris Baer


David Achgill - CONFIRMED

James Greene - CONFIRMED

Raymond Crisostomo - SIGNED UP

Brian Herbert

Brent Smyth

Tim Shore - SIGNED UP

Ron Marks - SIGNED UP

Jonathan Watson - SIGNED UP

Jon Johnson

Steve Cook - SIGNED UP

Aaron Zimmerman - SIGNED UP

Michael Sanders - SIGNED UP

Michael Jones - SIGNED UP

Next in ranking:

17 Wallace, Michael

18 Timothy DeHond

19 Collier, Matt

20 Roberts, Michael

21 Russell, Bradley

22 Springett, Dylan

23 Gaberial Chopp

24 Chris Thiele

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