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DPFL Live Championship Qualifer - Online

The entry fee is $50 for non DPFL Member $35 for DPFL Member If you dont have a Membership you can get it right here: DPFL Membership

Game Format: We'll be playing 501 SIDO (Single-In, Double-Out)

The match rounds go as follows: Top 64 - Best of 7 Top 32 - Best of 7 Top 16 - Best of 9 Top 8 - Best of 9 Semi-finals - Best of 11 Finals - Best of 13 Bracket will be a random Draw through Dartconnect

The winner and Runner up qualifies for the grand DPFL Live Championship Event with a whopping payout of $17,600!

To join in, all you need is a Discord account and a DartConnect account.

You'll also earn ranking points in the DPFL Order of Merit.

The top 4 players get paid out as follows:

Winner - $250 Runner-up - $150 Semifinalists - $100 each

The first qualifier will be held online on Sunday, June 25th at 6pm EST. The second qualifier takes place online on Sunday, July 9th at 6pm EST. Cutoff for registrations will be 4pm est same day as of the Event DPFL OOM points distribution: participitation Points: 50 T64 - 100

T32 - 150 T16 - 200 T8 - 300 T4 - 400 Runner up - 450 Winner - 600

Get your game on, and we'll see you there!

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