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DPFL Koth Februrary 501 SIDO LF will come to an end at midnight !!!

King of the Hill March 2023 is already good to go!!!

This months format will be Tactics 10 - Best of 9 !

Just like Cricket only with more numbers you need to hit !!

10 and above + Bull of course.. Choose wisely how yo play this game.. its for a reason called Tactics 10 !!!

you can sign up right here:

Winner of the KoTH Events.. will receive a Spot at the 17600 Dollar DPFL Champions Event August 17th - 20th 2023

King of the Hill got created to keep you guys on the board.. you can play as many matches as you want just a few rules... only 10 Dollars a month !!!

The event lasts always from the first till the last of a month !!!

If we have a winner who wins multiple times.. it will give an additional spot free through the DPFL OoM..

DPFL OoM Ranking right here:

Attached are also the current Rankings and Payouts with one day left !

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